Stylistic Devices (part 2)

Stylistic Devices (part 2)
Mr. Sanders
Speech 204/205
More examples
Student examples
 Parenthesis –
 Repetition –
 Alliteration –
 Assonance –
 When you’ve finished what’s above, write an AGD, thesis,
preview, review and conclusion for the topic of “Football”,
“Dancing”, or “3 ways I will make the world better”
 Simile
 Using like or as to make a
 Metaphor
 Says that something IS
another thing.
 Which is NOT a metaphor?
 “My love is like a red, red
rose.” (Is it really though?)
 “School is a gateway to
 “School is awesome.”
 Ke$ha
 Love Drug
Simile & Metaphor-more examples
Right Round: “You spin me
right round baby right
Hot & Cold: “You change
your mind LIKE A GIRL
Poker Face: “Just LIKE A
Circus: “All eyes on me in the
center of the right just
LIKE a circus”
 Metaphor
 S. Gomez:
 “You are the thunder and I
am the lightning.”
Student Examples
 Simile
 Metaphor
10 & 11
 Inversion
 Altering normal word
order. aka YODA
 “Quickly I ran…”
 (Adverb comes before the
 Allusion
 Reference to literature,
religion, mythology, or
 That was so...(bad event).
 Everyone fails a test. A
student then says, “That
test was Waterloo.”
Student Examples
 Inversion
 Allusion
Irony - 12
 Say something that should mean one thing, but you intend it
to mean the opposite.
 “It looks like the cause of the fire was these stress relief
candles.” – Family Guy
 “It’s like rain on your wedding day.”
 “Pocahontas:
 Just around the River bend”
 -Curiosity got her killed
IRONY - Examples
Hyperbole – 13
 Calling attention to your point through exaggeration.
 “In the end, all the world’s wealth and a thousand armies are
no match for the strength and decency of the human spirit.”
– Bill Clinton
-I’m so hungry I could eat
a horse!
- T-Swift:
- Today was a fairytale.You’ve got a smile that takes me to
another planet.
“I’ve got the magic in me. Every time I touch that track it turns
in into gold”
Student Examples
 Irony
 Hyperbole
Activity: Poetry Slam
 Individually, write a poem ABOUT ANYTHING applying at
least FIVE rhetorical devices. This will help you prepare for
writing your R. D. speech in class tomorrow. (Rest of hour)
- Or any from yesterday
Scenario: Imagine you are the principal of SHS and you have been told that one
extra-curricular activity must be cut due to the financial economic crisis facing
Illinois high schools. It is your job to convince the school board, parents,
students, and various other community members not to cut the extra-curricular
activity of your choice.
To Do: Hand-write a paper, applying at least seven of the fourteen rhetorical devices that
we discussed in class today convincing the school board to keep the activity of
your choosing. (15 minutes)
When finished: When your paper is complete, trade with someone nearby and have
them locate, underline, and label your rhetorical devices. (5 minutes)