Close Reading - terminology

Close Reading:
Put the following terms on the board.
In groups of 3-4, students are assigned a term and are responsible for teaching it
to the class.
Groups must create a user-friendly definition and an example.
In addition, they must show an extensive analysis of their own example,
discussing how it is effective at achieving its purpose. Therefore, they must ask
themselves, ‘What is its purpose?’
Terms: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Alliteration, Imagery, Tone,
Sentence Structure, Word Choice.
Other students must copy the term, definition, example, and analysis in their
jotters, after the teacher goes over it on the board.
Remind students that in Close Reading questions that ask how a writer achieves
something, that the term and example must be present for full marks. For
example: “How does the author make Mrs Moonface’s behaviour seem
threatening?” –in the answer, they are looking not only for the example of a
simile, but of the term as well.