The following version of the Bolger NJHS Constitution By-Laws was
created by the chapter members, advisor, and faculty council, in accordance
with the Constitution of the National Junior Honor Society. This document
serves to specify Bolger specific guidelines within various articles of the
original constitution. It has been approved by administration. Chapter
members and their guardians are asked to review this document, and sign the
included contract to indicate understanding and agreement.
Sub-Article IX: Selection of Members
Sub-Section 1. To be eligible for membership the candidate must be
a second semester sixth or seventh grade student. Candidates must have
been in attendance at Bolger Middle School for the entire first semester of
the school year.
Sub-Section 2. Candidates must obtain a consistent academic average
of 85% or higher to be eligible for membership. Candidates will also be
evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, character, and citizenship
through discipline background checks, membership in other extra-curricular
activities, and candid interviews.
Sub-Section 4. Future members will be selected through a
recommendation and interview process. Interviews will be conducted by the
advisor and at least one member of the faculty council during the 4th marking
period of the school year. All interviewees will be evaluated on a rubric
focusing on all pillars of the society.
Sub-Article X: Discipline and Dismissal
Sub-Section 1. A description of the dismissal procedure shall be
created by chapter members and advisor, with input from the Faculty
Council and principal. This procedural document will be published on the
school website, for all students and parents of interested future members.
Sub-Article XI: Chapter Officers
Sub-Section 1. The Bolger chapter members will choose to run for
officer after understanding officer duties. The remaining members will elect
officers via an anonymous vote.
Sub-Section 1a. The NJHS President responsibilities will include:
running chapter meetings, organizing activities and projects, overseeing
other officers, upholding the standards of NJHS, participate in planning and
implementing the Spring induction ceremony
Sub-Section 1b. The NJHS Vice President responsibilities will
include: completing the duties of the President in case of President
absences, assist the president with running chapter meetings by keeping
order and taking member attendance, help organize activities and projects,
participate in planning and implementing the Spring induction ceremony,
heading promotion and memorialization of NJHS
Sub-Section 1c. The NJHS Secretary responsibilities will include:
creating meeting minutes prior to bi-weekly meetings, checking with the
advisor for updated announcements, oversee the creation of advertisements,
create news bulletins for the NJHS webpage
Sub-Section 1d. The NJHS Treasurer responsibilities will include:
planning fundraisers, implementing fundraisers, tracking NJHS money, and
organizing payments for shirts/trips/etc.
Sub-Section 1e. The Advisor of the Bolger chapter reserves the right
to request a re-vote if any officer does not keep up with the above duties.
Sub-Article XIII: Meetings
Sub-Section 2. The Bolger chapter will hold a meeting once a month
on late start Wednesdays from approximately 3:00-4:00, and necessary
lunch meetings throughout the school year.
Sub-Section 2a. No NJHS member may miss more than 3 consecutive
meetings unless otherwise pre-approved by the advisor. It is every
member’s responsibility to keep themselves up to date on the meeting topics.
As an inducted member of the Bolger Chapter of the National Junior Honor
Society, I, __________________________ have read and agree to the
attached constitution and by-laws of the society. I understand my
responsibilities and agree to be an active member of the society.
(Student Signature)
(Parent Signature)
This contract must be signed by NJHS members and their guardians, and returned to
Miss Chapman by Friday, September 26, 2014.