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1. What material items do you cherish the
greatest as a teenager?
2. How do you attain these items for use?
3. Could you live without these items for a
long period of time (are they needs or
North and Central
African Societies
Chapter 15
Section 1
Mr. Amos
Influenced by Geography
Topography influences how a community is
often organized in Africa; Climate and Land
Some communities are bound by religion,
family ties, or close family units
Oldest form of social
organization in the
Rely on hunting and
gathering practices for
Move from place to
place in search of
Homes are temporary
Collect few
Women are gatherers
(yams, roots, berries)
Men are Hunters
(antelope w/ poisoned
tipped arrows)
Honey- prized delicacy
Turn to page 367 of your textbook and
read the excerpt entitled HuntersGatherers. Answer the following questions
in your notes:
What percent of the African population are
hunters and gatherers today?
What has happened as a result of
globalization to this lifestyle?
Respected older male serves as primary
He does not give orders, every family has a
say in community affairs
Guidelines for share of food and resources
Families organized in lineages
- Belief that all descendants are from a
common ancestor (includes past
generations and future ones)
Stateless Society- cultural groups in which
authority is shared by lineages of equal
power instead of having a central Gov.
Most developed south
of the Sahara
Patrilineal Societytrace ancestors
though the father
Matrilineal- Children
trace ancestors
through mothers
Read in your textbook concerning Daily Life
on page 369 and answer the following in
your notes:
How do you and your kinship negotiate
family issues?
Do you think that this way of solving
problems would work in your family?
After Muhammad’s death in 632 Islam
spread across the NW part of Africa
Islam in the Maghrib- North Africa that is
today the Mediterranean coast (Morocco,
Tunisia, and Algeria)
Leaders ruled by Islamic Law (Sharia)
Following the law is a religious obligation
No separation of personal life and law;
Islamic law regulates all areas of human life
Because of the Sharia (the way) brought
order to North Africa and formed a common
- cohesion of ethnicity
- politically
- Socially
 One group influenced
by Islam were the
BERBERS- Nomadic
people of N. Africa
Dynasty of 11th
Pilgrim brought Abd
Allah Ibn Yasin back to
N. Africa
Conquest to spread
Islam 1050’s
- Overran Ghana 1076
- Parts of southern
Spain (Moors)
Abd al-Mumin- Leader
Ousted the Almoravid
and fought to remain
true to Islamic beliefs
Lasted 100 yrs but
united all of the
Maghrib under one rule
Choose a society to form your group into
involving one of the three we have
discussed in class and answer the
• Pick a leader.
• How would you gain resources to
support your community?
• How would you settle disputes? Create
some form of law to reside over the
• What problems might occur? How would
you handle them as a group?
• Where would you live? What kind of
shelter might you have?
• What would be some key items for your
group to survive in Africa (Climate,