Career & Transfer PowerPoint

Career & Transfer
Vanessa Brhamadat
CEP 121
My major right now is Business
Two careers that I’m interested in are
Accounting and Finance.
First Career Choice:
Certified Public
Job Duties
•Consulting activities for clients
Some public accountants concentrate on tax
matters, such as advising companies about
the tax advantages and disadvantages of
certain business decisions and preparing
individual income tax returns
Minimum Education Requirements
•Master’s Degree
•Work Experience
•CPA Exam
The CPA exam lasts for 2 days and
consists of four parts. The passing
grade is 75
Salary and Trends
The entry level salary is $30,320.
Employment of accountants and auditors is
expected to grow faster than the average for
all occupations through the year 2014. An
increase in the number of businesses,
changing financial laws and regulations, and
increased scrutiny of company finances will
drive growth
Skills Required and Upgrading
•Computer software
•Interpersonal Skills
•Accounting Skills
If the corporation that I plan on working
for offers training then I will take that in
order to upgrade my skills.
Second Career Choice:
Financial Manager
Job Duties
•Preparation of financial reports
•Analyses of future earnings or
•Oversees the accounting, audit, and
budget departments.
Education Requirements
•Bachelor’s degree in finance,
accounting, economics, or business
CPA license or Master’s degree is
Salary and Trends
•Entry level financial managers make
around $64,530 a year
The growth of the economy will
increase the need for financial
managers however mergers,
acquisitions, and corporate downsizing
are likely to restrict the employment
growth to some extent.
Skills Required and Upgrading
•Computer skills
•Business Knowledge
In order to upgrade my skills I might get
a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
license or CMA (Certified Management
Accountant) license
Baruch College and Stony
Brook University
Baruch College
•Major: Accountancy
•Tuition: $2,000 per semester but there are
scholarships such as the KPMG
Foundation’s Minority Accounting Doctoral
scholarship which covers up to $10,000.
•The reason I want to go to this college is
because it is well known for its business
Stony Brook University
•Major: Business Management
•Tuition: $3,550.00 per year and
financial aid is available. TAP covers
this major and many scholarships are
•I would choose this school because
it’s not that expensive and not too far
from home.
The End
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