Drama: The Diary of Anne Frank

Drama: The Diary of
Anne Frank
By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
True story about a German Jewish family hiding from the Nazis in the
attic of a house in Amsterdam, Holland.
Recording of Anne Frank’s thoughts through a diary given to her on
her 13th birthday. Now adapted as a play.
The Franks fled Germany to Holland to escape Nazi persecution.
Nazi’s wanted pure German race – no Jews, no blacks, no handicapped
people. All families must be racially pure. Mental illness seen as
burden – 130,000 secretly killed.
Half of Germany’s half a million Jews had left.
Holland invaded by Germans. Royal family flee to England.
Unemployed Dutch forced to work in Germany.
All Jews must wear the Star of David. I.D.s issued.
Unemployed Jews called to work. Many went to labour camps.
July: Margot Frank called up. Frank’s move into hiding, followed by the
Van Danns and then Mr Dussell.
Allied soldiers land in France, liberation near.
Aug 4: German police raid secret annex – all sent to concentration
camps. Only Mr Frank survives. Six million Jews killed by Nazis (their
aim was eleven million.)
Mr Frank returned to Amsterdam. Publishes diary under name of Het
Achterhuis (The Annex)
Act 1 Close Reading
1. At what point in Act 1 does the time change from present to the past? Give the
technical name for this.
2. Explain why the Franks decided not to carry suitcases with them. What do they do
3. Write down two comments which are made which suggest that the Franks are
respectable people who are inclined to obey the law.
4. What did the Franks hope their friends would make of their disappearance? What
did they do to ensure this?
5. What did the Franks hope the Green Police would make of their disappearance?
What did they do to ensure this?
6. Write down two things which tell us Anne hasn’t grasped the reality.
7. What does Mr Frank say to Anne in order to cheer her up? What do these words
tell us about Mr Frank’s perception of Anne? Is his perception accurate in your
8. What three things make living in the annex difficult.
9. At the end of Act 1, sc. 2 we can already form an idea of Anne’s personality. Write
down three things we can say about her. In each case give a reason evidence from
the text so far.
10. Find the piece of evidence in the first three scenes which suggests that some Jews
wore the Star of David willingly. Explain why this would be.
11. What two main problems does the arrival of Dussel give the Frank and the Van
Daans? How do they solve these problems? In which way is he useful?
12. What is Anne’s solution? What is wrong with this and why does her mother not
explain it to her?
13.Explain how tour answers to Question 12 connect with the last speech Anne
Act 2 Close Reading
1. We already know, because of a previous incident, that Mr Van Daan is a very
selfish person. Explain what that incident is. What happens at the start of Act 2 to
reinforce this idea?
2. The Franks and the Van Daans are seriously affected by the German occupation
because they are Jews. Write down a quote from Act 2 which suggests life for
other Dutch people is going on in a more normal fashion.
3. In the episode concerning the fur coat, we can see the real reason for Mr Van
Daan’s desire to sell it. What is this reason? What does he say to cover this up?
4. Anne says “We weren’t around when all this started: So don’t try to take it out on
us!” What accusation is Anne making here? Is it fair?
Theme of Conflict – Chart (see attachment)
Throughout the play there are a number of conflicts arising. These can be illustrated
in a chart.
Naturally, Anne is involved in many of these conflicts, not only because she is the
most important person in the play, but also because she has a complicated
relationship with most of the other characters.
Complete the chart showing all the characters she has come into conflict with. This
can then be used as notes for your critical evaluation.
Critical Essay Plan
Task: Using the play of “The Diary of Anne Frank” show how the families reacted
under the pressure of hiding in a confined area for two years. In this essay you
should concentrate on setting as well as character.
Include title, authors and an idea about what the plot is.
Remember you are writing about the play version.
Include task.
Paragraph 2
 Set in Holland during WWII, in Annex. Explain why characters
have to hide out.
 Describe the attic and its rules
Paragraph 3
Analysis of Frank family
How did they react to confinement? You must include detailed
analysis of the following:
Paragraph 4
Mr Frank’s patience and fairness
Mrs Frank’s frustration with Anne
Margot’s calmness
Anne’s liveliness and ability to annoy people
Analysis of Van Daan family
How did they react? You must include detailed analysis of the
 Mr Van Daan’s selfishness
 Mrs Van Daan’s need for society
 Peter’s shyness
Paragraph 5
Specific analysis of Anne
How does she manage to maintain her good humour and vitality
despite the pressure she is under? (The last two scenes will help)
Also include detailed analysis of the following:
 Anne’s diary
 Her friendship with Peter
 Her positivity
End the essay with a summary of what you have shown and
comment about how you felt about the play. Did it make you think
more deeply about the Jewish question? Did you feel sympathy
with any of the characters?
W2 Folio Writing
1) Hannukah
Imagine you have been in hiding and, like Anne, decide to give the other’s Hannukah
Choose two of the eight characters and decide which gifts you would give.
Write your choice in the form of a story following the plan below (if you wish)
1. Decide which gift you would give.
2. Decide how you are going to make or obtain the gift
3. Explain why you would give this particular gift to this person.
Remember you are on Rations bur Miep could also help you.
2) Write a short story in which the idea of imprisonment is important. This can be
imprisonment by oneself or by others. It may be physical imprisonment or some
kind of psychological or emotional imprisonment.
3) Write a story in which a group of people are in a difficult or dangerous situation.
Show how friction or irritation develops. Does each person react in the same way?
Do they remain as a group or does the group fragment?
4) Write a story entitled “BRANDED.” This can involve a character being singled out
or treated in some prejudiced way.
5) Write a story in which the innocence of a major character is important to the way
the story unfolds.