9104-2 Revision Status

ICOP Oversight
Revision Status
Tim Lee
The Boeing Company
September 17, 2013
Team Members
• Tim Lee
• Ian Folland
• Giuseppe Leoni
• Bruno Fieux
• Mark Rogers
• Bob Cruse
• Darrell Taylor
• Norikazu Tsuchiya
• Susie Neal
• Shuji Komori
• Reg Blake
9104-2 “Requirements for Oversight of Aerospace Quality
Management System Registration/Certification Programs”
Revision Summary
• To harmonize requirements to the new version of 9104-1; improve
oversight process to include risk based oversight, increased focus
on auditor competency and include new tools that will evaluate the
validity of the 9100 series certificate.
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Key Changes
Aligned with the 9104-001
Forms descriptions
Option for Risk Based oversight
Clarified OP Assessor Qualifications
Supplemental oversight coordination
Conflicts of interest issues addressed
Assessment roles and responsibilities
Oversight frequencies table
Oversight of TPAB and AAB clarified.
Current Status
• Successful ballot in all three global sectors “Approved with
• 121 Comments Received
• No technical changes needed
• The IDR and SDR’s have completed work on the comments
received. Resolution matrix and updated draft sent to sub-team.
• Team to meet virtually on Friday Sept 20, 2013.
• Final review
• Forms are available via the IAQG website
• Forms meeting with SAE to improve use
Go Forward Plan
November 2013 target for publication
Discuss implementation at Montreal OPMT meeting
Forms to updated with comments received and lessons learned
Communication of changes and implementation targets
OP Assessor Training
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