1.1 What is Science?
Mr. Doroski
What is Science?
• Science is an organized way gathering and
analyzing evidence about the natural world.
What is Science?
• Technology is the application of science for
practical purposes.
What is Science?
• The study of science is divided into two
1. *Natural science
2. Social science
What is Science?
• *Natural Science is generally divided into
three branches:
~Physical science
II. Earth and space science
III. Life Science
What is Science?
I. ~Physical Science is the branch of science
that focuses on matter and energy.
What is Science?
• Matter is a physical substance that has mass
and takes up space.
What is Science?
• Energy is the capacity to do work.
What is Science?
• There are two main branches of physical
A. Chemistry
B. Physics
What is Science?
A. Chemistry is the study of the composition,
structure, properties, and reactions of
What is Science?
B. Physics is the study of matter and energy and
the interactions between the two through
forces and motion.
What is Science?
• **There are four “Big Ideas” within the study
of physical science.
What is Science?
• Big Idea #1:
– The universe is both very old and very big.
What is Science?
– The age of the universe is about 13,700,000,000
(13.7 billion) years.
What is Science?
– The observable universe is about
700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (700
million billion billion) meters in diameter.
What is Science?
• Big Idea #2:
– All matter familiar on Earth is made up of
building blocks called atoms.
What is Science?
– Atoms consist of even smaller building blocks
called electrons, protons, and neutrons.
What is Science?
• Big Idea #3:
– Forces cause changes in motion.
What is Science?
– If you push on something that is sitting still, it
starts to move and if you push on something that
is already moving, you will change its motion.
What is Science?
• Big Idea #4:
– Energy can exist in six forms and it can be
classified into two general types.
What is Science?
• The six forms that energy can take are:
1. Mechanical
2. Thermal
3. Chemical
What is Science?
• The forms of energy cont’:
4. Electrical
5. Electromagnetic
6. Nuclear
What is Science?
• The two types of energy that exist are:
1. Kinetic energy
2. Potential energy
What is Science?
1. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.
What is Science?
2. Potential energy is the energy that is stored
as a result of position or shape.
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