List some plays and books relating to the theater arts that you have

For many, acting is about fame and fortune, but not for me. My artistic goal is one based
on the humanistic qualities of integrity, wisdom and compassion. I desire to use my talent, body,
and voice as an instrument to enact positive change in the world toward a goal of peace and unity;
to get people to think, to question, to explore, to understand and to get involved in their
communities. When I act my goal is to not only entertain, but to connect compassionately with the
viewers’ soul and relate on a level not easily achieved.
I feel most authentic when I am exploring as an actor and was first attracted as a child by
my dreams to live in a world where I could be anything that I could possibly conceive. There were
no restrictions on what societal or cultural norms dictated. I did not have to be the stereotypical
child from a broken family living with my single mother and siblings; fighting to find my own identity
despite what was statistically evident among my peers. I could be a queen! It was not only the
freedom to explore the human condition, but to also explore my identity as an individual and as part
of the collective.
Identity is what defines us as humans. It is what separates us and what brings us together.
As an actor I can be anyone from antiquity to the distant future, known or unknown, and connect on
a level that transcends just my body and mind. When I am on stage I am connecting with the
universe. It is then that I am most human. I think Daisaku Ikeda said it best, “Through art people
discover their bonds with each other, with nature, and with the universe… The work is life itself,
born of the union of the self and the universe, the microcosm and the macrocosm.” I give myself
wholy to the work in this effort to connect with others.