Outline presentation

Supporting the LGB&T Community of Surrey for Over a Decade
Awareness Raising Session
Kay Reynward
Tim Coward
Population of Surrey 1,127,322
LGB&T Population
Guildford 13,720
LGB&T Population of Surrey 78,876
*based on figures from “Resident Population Estimates Mid-2010. National Statistics” and “Final Regulatory Impact
Assessment: Civil Partnership Act. Department of Trade and Industry. 2004.”
LGB&T people reflect the whole
Black, White, Dual Heritage,
Daughters, Sons,
Aunts, Mothers, Sisters,
Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces,
Friends, Colleagues, workers, non-waged,
Students, Teachers,
Customers, Differently-abled,
Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Gentile,
Of all religions and none,
Old and Young, and
from every Political Perspective.
The Basics
Sexual orientation – gay, lesbian or gay
woman, bisexual and heterosexual (straight)
Transgender– a person who has changed his
or her sex or a person who identifies as and
wants to become a member of the opposite
These are not choices
Myths, Stereotypes & Assumptions
Being LGB&T is a choice
All gay men are camp and
All lesbians are butch with short
hair and hate men
No LGB&T people live in Surrey
Problems faced by LGB&T people
Rural area, lack of an identifiable
Hate Crime
Assumed Heterosexism
Recent Legislative Changes
Civil Partnership Act 2004
Same sex equal marriage 2013
Equality Act 2010 extended cover
lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people
There are now 23 Lesbian and Gay
Liaison Officers (LAGLO) active within
Surrey Police
Things to Consider
• Why are LGB&T people not using
your service
• What can you do to make your
service more inclusive or welcoming
What you can do
Use of gender neutral language
How inclusive are your policies?
Do you display your E&D statement?
Visibility of your service
Staff training
Supporting the LGB&T community of Surrey for over a decade
Helpline open Tuesday & Sunday
7:30pm – 10:00pm
(01483) 727667
Supporting the LGB&T community of Surrey for over a decade
Support available online
Web: www.outlinesurrey.org
Email: info@outlinesurrey.org
Social inclusion support groups
Leatherhead, Ripley and Woking
monthly meetings for
people over 18
Supporting the LGB&T community of Surrey for over a decade
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