Atomic theory timeline project

Atomic theory timeline project
Due 10/3
You will conduct a literature search on the development of the modern atomic theory. All of the
various atomic models should be reviewed and discussed in your timeline. All relevant scientists
for the development of the models should also be included.
You may use text or web sources in your research, but you must include a bibliography including
all of your sources. I will put a website on the class links page to help you with your format.
Wikipedia MUST NOT be used as a source, nor should any other encyclopedia or your textbook
be included as a source.
You will answer the following questions about each scientist to the best of your ability:
What does the model say about matter and atoms?
Who were the primary players in the development of this model?
What were the major contributions to the atomic theory?
Did they follow a scientific method?
What did their model look like? Give a description and use images.
What was the reason for the scientist’s investigation into the atom?
Include images and media for the various points to further illustrate the model’s change over
The information you gather will be used to create either a paper based timeline and report, a
Prezi or a PowerPoint presentation (If you choose you may produce a short documentary in lieu
of either of the other two options, just know, however that movie making is quite time
consuming and keep on top of your deadline). You should include in your report or documentary
enough information to give an example of how new scientific data can cause an existing
scientific explanation to be supported, revised, or rejected and to identify scientific evidence that
has caused modifications in previously accepted theories. You should also explain the reasons
why the various scientific investigations were conducted.
You will examine each experiment done to develop the model for scientific credibility, i.e. did
they use scientific methods. Use the following rules of evidence to examine experimental results:
 Can an expert's technique or theory be tested, has it been tested, or is it simply a
subjective, conclusive approach that cannot be reasonably assessed for reliability?
 Has the technique or theory been subjected to peer review and publication?
 What is the known or potential rate of error of the technique or theory when applied?
 Were standards and controls applied and maintained?
 Has the technique or theory been generally accepted in the scientific community?
This project will be worth 50 pts for the presentation and 50 pts for research and is due on 10/3.