Project Directions Timeline and Final Summary 1. In groups of four

Project Directions

Timeline and Final Summary

1. In groups of four begin conducting research on the list of Scientist.

) Zacharias Jansen

2) Anton van Leeuwenhoek

3) Robert Hooke

4) Matthias Schleiden

5) Theodor Schwann

6) Rudolf Virchow

7) Louis Pasteur

2. You should research and discuss information on each scientist with group members, however, you will be responsible for your individual notes and timeline. (you will need to make your own note cards on each scientist to use in creating your timeline) Remember the information on timeline should apply only the contribution of the cell theory and you will paraphrase the Information in your own words.

3. Once you have all relevant information on each of the seven scientists begin designing the format for your time line. (Follow the rubric) Give dates of discoveries and answer the following questions in detailed statements for each scientist:

I. How did this scientist contribute to the cell theory? (Make sure the information is related to the cell theory only.

II. When did this scientist make his contribution to the cell theory? (Date)

III. How did this scientist's discovery help lead to the rejection of spontaneous generation?

4. Cite the source of the information on the report on the timeline. (make box at bottom of time line and title it “Sources”) Use one index card to make note of all sources used for information. Include the following information if possible:

I. The URL of the site

II. Author Last name, Author first name.

III. Title ("Title of Page. Title of Site).

IV. Date page was published or last updated.

V. Name of institution associated with the site.

5. Once you have finished Look over your timeline again. Correct any grammatical errors and add any last minute touches. Make it as colorful and as creative as possible

6. Revisit the one- paragraph summary, written at the beginning of lesson (during the teaching Phase of the lesson plan) study your timeline and then write a very detailed one- paragraph summary of your understanding of the three parts of the cell theory and explain how its development demonstrate the true nature of science as we know it today.

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