4-1 Video Study Guide

Unit 4 Lesson 1 Student Guide “Water as a Solvent”
Reference: Chapter 4, Section 1: pg. 127-129
_____________ is the #1 solvent.
solute solvent solution –
diluteconcentrated –
saturated –
Describe an example and label each of the parts of a solution.
Draw the Lewis structure for water. Label the lone pairs, shared pairs, bond angle, and VSEPR
Define electronegativity (a very important concept):
Explain how water is a polar molecule, using the atoms’ electronegativity differences.
When we use arrows to represent polar bonds, in which direction do the arrows point?
What is the difference between polar and nonpolar molecules? (Look up in the book also if you
need to.)
Dissociation equations...how do we write them, and what do they represent? Write an example
using MgCl2.
Explain why ethanol (C2H3OH) dissolves in water but does NOT dissociate.
Explain why oils and fats generally do not dissolve in water.
What does the phrase “like dissolves like” mean?
So…..Why is water such a good solvent?