Solutions- Day 1

Solutions- Day 1
Parts of Solution
• A solution is a homogeneous mixture
• A solute is dissolved in a solvent.
– solute is the substance being dissolved
– solvent is the liquid in which the solute is dissolved
– an aqueous solution has water as solvent
Observations from Sugar
Dissolving Race
Factors Affecting Solubility
Size of particle
Energy added
Like Dissolves Like
• Polar dissolves polar
• Non polar dissolves non polar
Dissolution of Solid Solute
What are the driving forces which cause solutes to dissolve to
form solutions?
1. Ionic solutes dissolve by dissociation into their ions.
2. Covalent solutes dissolve by H-bonding to water or by Van
der Waals (dispersion forces)
What has to happen for
dissolving to take place
The net amount of heat energy absorbed or released when a specific
amount of solute dissolves in a solvent is the heat of solution.