The Louisiana Purchase


The Louisiana Purchase

Section 2

Land Act of 1800

Northwest ordinance of

1787: Established process where territories in West could become States.

Under act Americans were able to buy land in small parcels and on credit.

Federal land offices appeared across the west, making the transfer of land easier from the government to private citizens.

Control of the Mississippi

 River big source for transportation of goods.

 Spain controlled New


 1795: Washington sends

Thomas Pinckney to keep vital port open.

 Pinckney Treaty:

 Spain agreed to let American ship their goods down the miss. And store them in NO.

Napoleon and the French

Mississippi River important to

American trade to foreign markets.

Napoleon took over Spanish land including New Orleans.

Charged Large sums of money to Americans to pass through.

Jefferson appointed Robert

Livingston and James Monroe to be sent to Paris in 1803 to buy the city of New Orleans.

The Louisiana Purchase

Napoleon first wanted to create a new French Empire in the America’s.

After failing to crush a rebellion on the French

Island of Haiti led by

Toussaint L’Ouverture, he changed his mind.

Also wanted to sell all of the French claims known as the Louisiana Purchase.

Not wanting him to wait on this idea, Monroe and

Livingston offered

Napoleon $15 million.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Congress agreed to finance

Jefferson’s call for an expedition to explore the area included in the


Meriwether Lewis, William Clark.

Goals were:

 To search for river routes to the western ocean.

 Make contact with the Native

Americans living in the territory.

 Gather information about the region’s natural resources.

Hired a French-Canadian fur trapper and his wife Sacajawea

The Expedition…

50 men made up the

“Corps of


 York: Enslaved

African American who was Clarks companion since childhood also joined.

Across the Plains…

 Saw: Buffalo, Deer, Elk and


 Gifts:

 Peace Medals with the U.S.


Mirrors, Beads, Knives,

Blankets, sewing needles, and fish hooks.


North Dakota.

Stood with during 1 st Winter.

Met Sacagawea there.

Over the Rockies…

 New Discoveries:

Bighorn Sheep.

Prickly Cactus.

Grizzly Bears.

 Shoshones:

 Indian Tribe.

Gave horses for travel.

Showed best route over the mountain.

Continental Divide:

Mountain ridge that separates river systems flowing toward opposite sides of a continent.

To the Pacific…

 Built Canoes.

 Floated down the

Columbia River into the

Pacific Northwest.

 November 7, 1805:

 Clark wrote “Great Joy we have been so long anxious to see”.

They reached their GOAL.

 1806: Returned to St.


Pike Explores the West…

Zebulon Pike:


From St. Louis

 Explored:

Upper Miss. River. And Arkansas


Parts of Present day Colorado and

New Mexico.

 1806:

Mountain Peak rising above

Colorado plains.

 Today called “Pikes Peak”

Spanish Territories:

Arrested taken into Mexico.

Escorted back to the U.S.

Striped all of maps and Journals.

 Hid one Map in the barrel of his


Checking for Understanding.

What was the



 What was the overall goal of the Lewis and Clark


Who was Zebulon