The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana
I. The Purchase
A. The United States in 1803
1. New states in the west
depended on the
Mississippi River for
2. The Mississippi was
controlled by New
Orleans – owned by
B. How Europe was involved
Spain got tired of trying to keep out
Americans, so they sold Louisiana and
New Orleans to the French
1. Napoleon wanted to
rebuild France’s
empire in North
2. He started by trying to
take Haiti
3. Napoleon hope to use
Haiti as a supply base
4. He was defeated in
Haiti by former slave
Toussaint L’ Ouverture
5. His dreams of Colonies
in the Americas fell
C. How the US Gained Louisiana
1. Jefferson sent Livingston and Monroe to France to
try and buy New Orleans
2. Talleyrand was given orders by Napoleon to sell all
of Louisiana for $15 million
II. Exploration
A. Lewis and Clark
1. To lead the mission
Jefferson selected his
personal secretary
Meriwether Lewis
2. Lewis picked William
Clark to co-lead
3. Goals
a. Find a water route to the
b. Report back on their
findings (Natives, plants,
animals, etc…)
B. Native Americans
1. Were informed by
Lewis and Clark that
the US now owned
their land
2. Some traded with and
helped the Expedition
(Nez Perce &
Shoshone) some
attacked (Teton Sioux)
C. Sacagawea
1. Member of the
Shoshone Tribe
2. Married to a French
Fur Trapper –
3. Reasons she went
a. Show that the mission
was peaceful
b. Translate
c. Get them horses
D. Pike’s Exploration
1. Goal was to find the
Source of the Red
2. Discovered Pike’s Peak
3. Was arrested by the
Spanish by the Rio
4. Returned home a year