K. Stewart/ENG III G/Plans Week of August 11 – August 15, 2014


K. Stewart/ENG III G/Plans

Week of August 11 – August 15, 2014

Monday - 1. Students pick up handouts.

2. Journals – Anyone want to share?

3. Parent/Student Info Sheet can be submitted.

4. Finish 1 st Powerpoint on Hemingway.

5. Continue with 2 nd Powerpoint. (During this time I will stop for students to work in groups on poetry and close reading questions.

6. Complete questions from Powerpoint.

Tuesday - 1. Review homework.

2. Close reading questions for Book Five Chapters 38-41. Students work in their groups as I facilitate. We will discuss all as a class.

3. Notes on the Hemingway Hero.

4. Homework: Handout – The poem from which Hemingway takes the title of this novel and questions.

Wednesday - 1. Check and go over homework.

2. Group questions on theme and symbolism. We will complete and review in class.

3. Homework: Choose a writing prompt, make notes, and outline.

Thursday - 1. With essay notes and novels available, we will review how to write

Friday - a literary analysis.

2. Begin writing in class as I conference.

3. Homework: Polish and type essay in MLA format. (1 and ½ -

2 pages)

1. Peer edit and teacher conference.

2. Students should revise essay for submission on Monday. They should also bring Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood to class.

Week of August 18 – August 22, 2014

Monday - 1. Submit essays to folder on table.

2. Journals – anyone want to share?

3. Get out In Cold Blood. How much do you remember?

4. Groups should review the first two sections and create two Socratic questions. Group decides which question will be answered.

5. Homework: Answer one of the questions in detail.

Tuesday - 1. Read and choose best answer and be prepared to tell why.

2. Each group will share question and answer.

3. Notes and background on Capote and In Cold Blood.

4. Homework: Two Socratic questions for the next two sections.

Wednesday - 1. Pick up AP terms packet.

2. Choose a question and rotate.

3. Socratic seminar – this will be graded.

4. Homework: Socratic questions for the last three sections.

Thursday - 1. Same format – choose best question and rotate. I will want to know

Friday - whose question is being chosen. Extra points may be given.

2. Homework: AP Multiple Choice questions.

1. Return essays I hope.

2. Discuss answers and change if needed.

3. Students will be given the correct answers.

4. Students and I will discuss In Cold Blood assessments for next week.