Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology

Welcome to
Anatomy and Physiology
University of Central Arkansas graduate 2011
BS in General Sciences; Minor in Addiction Studies
Northeast Mississippi Community College graduate 2014
AAS in Dental Hygiene
Personal Information
Married almost a year :)
No kids, 1 dog
Enjoy cooking, crafting, and spending time
with family
I love traveling!!!
Purpose of this Course
This course is designed for those students
interested in pursuing a career in a medical field
or health related field.
Purpose of this Course
It helps develop a good foundation about the parts of the human body and how
they work together so that students receive a head start to their college
Purpose of this Course
This class is also for those students simply wanting to learn a course of study
relevant to their lives
Please follow along with your Syllabus
Please follow along with your Syllabus
I will be using this frequently using to keep students and
parents up to date on things that are happening in class.
Remind 101
All students and parents are encouraged to sign up.
Reminders for: quizzes, tests, and due dates for projects.
Send a text to 81010 and in the message field Class Code: @b9255
Course Outline
1st Nine Weeks
◦ Unit 1- Levels of Organization
◦ Unit 2- Support and Movement
◦ Unit 3- Integration and Coordination
2nd Nine Weeks
◦ Unit 4- Transport
◦ Unit 5- Absorption and Excretion
◦ Unit 6- The Human Life Cycle
Grading Parameters
Tests & Projects (40%)
Daily Grades & Quizzes (30%)
Final Exam (20%)
Participation (10%)
The Book
Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology- 7th edition
Classroom Guideline and Consequences
Positive Consequences
Negative Consequences
Classroom Guidelines
1. Be Respectful
2. Be On Time
3. Be Prepared
Was Elle Prepared?
What do you need?
Supply List
Wish List
3 Ring Binder
5 Dividers
Hand Sanitizer
Loose-leaf Notebook Paper
Lysol or Clorox Wipes
Black/Blue pens ONLY
Colored Pencils
Folder with pockets and brads- to be left in
class for Bellwork
Policies and Procedures
Late work
Plagiarism and Cheating
Lab Safety- Lab Fee Letter
Classroom Procedures
Classroom Policies
Enter the classroom in an
orderly fashion, sit in assigned
seat, and begin bellwork that is
posted on the board.
Timer will be set for BW
The date, bellwork, lesson objectives,
upcoming due dates, and homework
will be posted in the same place every
Assignments should always have:
◦ The student’s first and last name
◦ Date
◦ Block
◦ Student number in the top right
hand corner.
• Take care of restroom
and water breaks before
entering the classroom.
The student should keep the area
under and around their desk clean
and neat.
• Students are not to get up
and throw away trash
during classroom time.
• Hold onto it and throw it
away on your way out of
the classroom.
The teacher will dismiss
the classroom, not the bell.
Fill out a Homework Pink Slip if you do
not have it to turn in when taken up.
No texting or using
electronic devices
without teacher
Students will have a Vocabulary Test for each chapter
Vocabulary is a huge part of this course and being able to understand the meaning is key
Any Questions???
Things Due Friday:
◦Class Supplies
◦Signed Syllabus (Daily grade!)
◦Signed Lab Safety Contract (Test grade!)
I’m So Excited To Have Each Of You Here!
Contact Information
Instructor: Mrs. Emily Barnes
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 662-429-4170
Fax: 662-429-6269
First and Last Name
Student #
Block #
Grade Level
Parent(s)/Guardian(s)- (aka. Who Lives In Your House)
Their Phone Numbers- Home:
What do they do for a living?
Learning Styles Inventory
Read all directions and answer the questions the best you can.
Write answers on the Score Sheet
Make a bar graph of results with Copy Paper provided.
Here are the guidelines:
-Use Markers or Colored Pencils, Rulers (On Table Up Front)
-Label x & y axis, give a Title, Label each bar with the Category
- Put your Name and Block on the back of the graph or NO CREDIT. This is a daily grade.
Learning Styles Inventory Rubric
Neatness and
Exceptionally well
designed, neat, and
attractive. Colors that go
well together are used to
make the graph more
readable. A ruler is are
Neat and relatively
Lines are neatly drawn
attractive. A ruler is used. but the graph appears
quite plain.
Title is creative and
Title clearly relates to the A title is present at the top A title is not present.
clearly relates to the
information being graphed of the graph.
information being
and is printed at the top of
graphed. It is printed
the: Learning
Styles Inventory
the top of the graph.
Teacher Name: Mrs. Barnes
Labeling of X axis
Student Name:
The X axis has a clear,
The X axis________________________________________
has a clear
The X axis has a label.
The X axis is not labeled.
neat label that describes label that describes the
the units.
units used.
Labeling of Y axis
The Y axis has a clear,
neat label that describes
the units.
The Y axis has a clear
label that describes the
The Y axis has a label.
Appears messy and
\"thrown together\" in a
hurry. Lines are visibly
The Y axis is not labeled.
Total Points Earned X 100= % Grade