CAPT TIPS MATH For Multiple Choice Questions: 1. Read the

For Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Read the questions carefully.
2. Look for key words or phrases that will help you choose the correct answer. (Use your highlighter)
3. Pay attention to words or phrases that may trick or confuse you such as: not, all, except, always, never,
only, all of the above, not true…
4. Focus only on what the question is asking you to do.
5. Use prefixes and suffixes to help you understand unfamiliar vocabulary. Such as: mono- meaning
one/hybrid meaning different as in the term monohybrid or kilo- one thousand as in the term kilocalorie.
6. Eliminate choices you know are incorrect.
7. Do not leave any question unanswered. You won’t have a chance of getting it correct if you don’t try.
For Open Ended Questions:
8. Read and be sure you know what the question is asking.
9. If the question asks you to explain your answer or reasoning, be sure to do so.
10. Site examples from the information given and use quantitative data (numbers) to support your response
whenever possible.
11. Talk the talk! Use as many science “vocabulary” terms as possible to help explain your answer.
Be sure to Use Terms such as:
valid, data, conditions, held constant, replicable, experimental group, control group, Independent
dependent variables etc. when asked to analyze experimental results.
12. When analyzing or making a graph: Be sure to include or look for the following:
the title that clearly reflects the x and y axis
there is a label on both the x and y axis & that it is correct
each axis has the unit or number represented.
a legend is included needed
the numbers on each axis is proportionate (even throughout
13. If you are unsure of an answer, write down anything you know about the topic. More is More!
14. If given a graph, diagram, table or chart to analyze or interpret, know that the key to the answer
lies very much in that tool provided. Use that tool.
15. At this time, relax breath & think positive confident thoughts! I can do this