2nd Quarter Reading Workshop

Quarter Reading
Class Novels
We will read 2 novels together as a class. We
will read and analyze these novels together.
The first novel we read is Touching Spirit Bear
by Ben Mikaelsen (it would be great to
purchase a copy of this book for yourself).
We will do chapter cards together for Touching
Spirit Bear. I will model effective chapter card
for you.
Choosing a Book
I am going to try to schedule library time this week.
When you select a book, you must first discuss it with
me. I will approve it. You cannot change books
without first discussing it with me.
You will complete chapter cards for the 3 books that
you choose to read independently this quarter.
I will document the book that you are reading and
keep up with your progress throughout the quarter.
Reading Log
You will continue to read a minimum of 30 minutes
each night. You may need to read more throughout
the week or on weekends to make sure you are
completing the book in a timely manner.
In a 9 week quarter (which is what we have), you
must complete a book at least every 3 weeks
independently to meet the 5 book goal.
Each night when you write your time on the reading
log portion of your agenda, you must also write the
pages that you read each evening.
If you do not do this, it will affect your weekly
reading log grade.
You will complete a project that is assigned to
you with both of the 2 novels that we read
together in class.
I will provide a grading rubric to you. This is
for quality control purposes, and to make
sure everyone completes the projects.
Frequently Asked Questions
Generate a list of frequently asked questions to
post online.