Unit 1 Review

By: Allison Slate and Lauren Hammond
 Arrived between 12,000- 70,000 years ago
 Onondaga
 Central New York State
 The Earth on Turtles Back
 Wife of chief had a dream about uprooting tree.
 Chief thought it was important ; he uprooted the tree.
 Wife fell in the hole where the tree was, and the animals
saved her by putting the Earth on the turtle’s back.
 Modoc
 Oregon and northern California
 When Grizzlies Walked Upright
 Tells how the birds were created
 Navajo
 Navajo Reserve: Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.
 The Navajo Origin Legend
 Tells that humans came from corn, buckskin, and feathers.
 Iroquois
 Northeastern United States
 The Iroquois Constitution
 Great Peace: Eagle, tree, and fire.
 Dekanawidah: Great leader, fair, hardworking
 Famous explorer
 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue!
 Studied mapmaking
 Queen Isabella supported journey
 King and Queen of Spain financed his journey
 Columbus rule land he found
 10% of all wealth of lands
 Journal of the First Voyage to America
 Wrote it to describe what the New World was like
 Pilgrims
 Religious reformers who wanted to separate from the
Church of England.
 Puritans
 Reformers who wanted to purify the church from within.
 The General History of Virginia
 Pilgrims
 Jamestown, Virginia
 Joys and hardships of the New World
 Wrote in 3rd person
 Egotistic
 Pocahontas helped him
 Of Plymouth Plantation
 Massachusetts
 Puritan Plain Style
 Established rules with Native Americans
 Encouraged Immigration’
 Organized the Repayment of debts
 Renamed Gustavus Vassa, enslaved nearly 10 years
 The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah
 The journey to America and the horrible conditions on
the ship for the slaves.
 Puritan
 “To My Dear And Loving Husband”
 Poem about her love for her husband
 She was considered a witch for writing this because she
wrote something that wasn’t about God
 Puritan
 “Huswifery”
 Compares God to everyday things
 Written in Puritan Plain Style
 Puritan Preacher
 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
 Scared Puritans from sinning
 Said they would go to Hell if they did.
 The sermon was terrifying.