Egyptian Comic Book Cast of Characters

List of
Egyptian Characters
These Egyptian gods and mythological
creatures can be used in addition to any
human characters you may wish to
include in your comic book.
Amon-Re (Re)
God of the Sun
• The original god of the sun. He
sails his boat across the sky
between heaven and earth.
Amon-Re is the main god of
Thebes, the capital of Egypt
during the New Kingdom and he
eventually became the supreme
state god of Egypt. Amon-Re is
usually depicted with a large
crown. Sometimes the crown
also has a sun-disc. Many New
Kingdom pharaohs started
wearing a similar crown to show
their devotion to Amon-Re.
Goddess of the Heavens and Sky
• Nut (Nuht) Nut was the
goddess of the sky. She is
shown with her body shaped
in an arch across the
horizon. She wears a dress
of stars. Nut is a mother to
Isis, Osiris, Seth. It was
believed that at days end, the
sun god Ra was swallowed
by her, and that he was
reborn the following day.
God of the Afterlife
• Osiris (O-Si-Ris) was the king
of the after life, and he was
supposed to look like a
handsome man and was
wrapped in mummy cloth. He
was in the mummy wrap
because he was the first
God/person to enter the
afterlife. He judges over the
Underworld, where he judges
the newly dead to see if they
are worthy to enter the
afterlife. He holds the flail
and crook, which are the
symbols of power and rule in
God of Sky and pharaoh
• Horus – Was the son of Isis
and Osiris. Horus avenged
the death of his father
(Osiris) by killing his
murderer, the god Seth.
During the battle he lost an
eye which was renewed by
Isis. In Egyptian art, the “Eye
of Horus” represents renewal
and protection. When people
die, Horus leads them to the
underworld where their
hearts will be weighed
against the feather of truth to
determine if they are worthy.
Seth (set)
God of the desert, storms, darkness, and chaos
• Seth – The evil brother of
Osiris. Seth represents the
lord of the desert and the
god of storms, violence, and
disorder. His battle the other
gods, especially with the sky
god Horus shows us the
battle of night against day,
and the conquest of good
over evil. He is represented
with the head of an
unidentified animal. Usually
considered to be one of the
most power of the gods.
Goddess of Magic and Healing
• Isis – She is sister and wife
to Osiris, the goddess of
magic and healing. Isis
protected new mothers and
she helped bring her
husband Osiris back to life
after he was killed by the evil
god Seth. Egyptians believed
that the tears of Isis (for her
dead husband) cause the
Nile River to flood each year.
To show the power of Isis
she is depicted with a royal
throne on her head.
God of the Dead
• Anubis – The god of the
dead, Anubis is shown with
the head of a Jackal. Anubis
is the god of the embalming
process and is present
during the mummification
process. Priests wore an
Anubis mask while they
prayed over a newly created
mummy. Anubis is in charge
of guarding the entrance to
the underworld and the
scales used to determine a
person’s worthiness.
H’apy (Hapi)
God of the Nile River
• H’apy – The god of the Nile
River, H’apy was responsible
for the yearly flooding of this
precious river. Because of
the importance of the Nile
River to Egypt, H’apy is also
believed to have helped
create the world. He is
usually shown as a long
haired man with papyrus and
lotus flowers (two Nile
plants) growing out of his
head. He lives in a cave at
the source of the Nile River.
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Dancing
• Hathor – She was the
goddess most associated
with female beauty and
grace. She is often depicted
as a beautiful women with
the head of a cow containing
the sun disc. Women prayed
to Hathor to help them
during childbirth and Hathor
also welcomed women into
the afterlife. Hathor was
linked to joy and happiness
and was one of the most
popular gods.
Little Monster
• Ammit – Not really a god,
Ammit was a little
creature/monster. He is part
crocodile, part hippo, and
part lion. Ammit devours
(eats) the souls of anyone
who is judged unworthy of
entering the afterlife. A soul
that was eaten by Ammit
“died a second time” and
had to wander the earth
forever. Ammit was the
creature responsible for
punishing people for all of
the wrongs they had
committed during their lives.
The Sphinx
• Imaginary creatures with
the head of a human and
the body of a lion,
Sphinxes were used to
guard the entrance to
tombs and temples. The
largest sphinx is 241 feet
long and guards the Great
Pyramids at Giza. The
origin of the Sphinx is a
mystery but some people
think the Sphinx is meant
to represent the pharaoh’s
role as protector of the
Egyptian people.