Role Profile


Role Profile

Title: Head of Strategy, Planning and Impact

Reports to: Director of Corporate Governance and Performance

Directorate: Strategy, Planning and Impact

Grade: A

Role Purpose

To deliver a programmed approach to ongoing strategy development and implementation, which is incorporated into the annual planning and budgeting cycle and which provides the environment for Scope to become more strategic in its thinking and approaches.

To support the Planning, Performance and Risk function to deliver a high-quality and mutually reinforcing corporate planning, performance and risk management process which supports the evolution and delivery of Scope's strategy.

To establish an agreed approach to measuring and communicating the impact of Scope's work and how it delivers the social change objectives in “Changing Society”.

Key Dimensions

Budget Responsibility: c. £150k

Management Responsibility:


No staff management

Project manager - nil staff involved


Team Leader of (insert no) of direct reports

Manager of one manager (Planning, Performance and Risk Manager)

Indirect reports

Key Contacts:

Internal Contacts External Contacts

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

Strategic Theme leaders

Key Accountabilities


Relevant sector networks

For Leaders

 To lead cross organisational initiatives to drive progress to implement Scope’s strategic direction.

To build a team environment where people work collaboratively, where constructive challenge is appreciated and difference is valued.

To develop and maintain a positive culture by role modelling, recognising and reinforcing our desired behaviours.

To recruit, manage and de velop staff within Scope’s HR and operational policies and procedures.

To utilise volunteers appropriately within the department. To encourage and appreciate staff who support Scope outside of their job role by volunteering in shops, events or services or by other discretionary efforts.

To encourage team members to maximise potential through continuous learning whilst challenging and dealing with under performance.

Ensure that effective and engaging monthly team meetings happen within your area based on the Scope team meeting template and those issues and questions are reported back.


To demonstrate a commitment to customer service excellence and deliver against the requirements of Scope’s quality framework.

 To work within Scope’s policies and procedures at all times.

Role Specific accountabilities


 To develop, maintain and communicate Scope’s strategy ensuring the involvement of key stakeholders at all levels both within and outside the organisation

To monitor, demonstrate and communicate the progress of theme related activities undertaken by Scope, in conjunction with individual Theme Leaders.

To develop, support and co-ordinate the Theme Leader role, including confirming objectives for the role, providing updates and facilitating strategic discussions with the Executive

Leadership Team (ELT) and the Chief Executive and Director of External Affairs in particular.

 To ensure Scope’s strategy is reflected in the plans and day-to-day activities of all parts of the organisation at both corporate and departmental levels.

To ensure that continuing research and understanding around the strategic themes influences the development of future work i.e. the new services offer and Scope’s ongoing policy and campaigning priorities.


To establish this team as a viable and sustainable business support function that is integral to strong corporate governance, management development and organisational learning.

To publicise, communicate and promote work around planning, performance management and risk management with the aim of increasing organisational understanding, capability and discipline.


 To produce a reasonable argument around the impact Scope’s work is having that challenges perceptions, promotes meaningful and informed debate, and increases organisational intelligence both internally and externally.

To produce an annual internal facing impact report, then work with the External Affairs

Department to convert this into an external facing summary document.

To establish on an ongoing basis the areas where Scope should invest resource around data collection and evidence so that the organisation can demonstrate the impact of its work.

To manage the collection, storage and dissemination of this impact data to relevant audiences at appropriate intervals throughout the year, including quarterly updates to ELT and to support the production of externally prepared reports by/for the Social Stock Exchange and The Good Analyst.

To develop, deliver and embed a suite of co-ordinated corporate business processes around strategy development, business planning, performance management, risk management, project management and impact measurement.

To provide management oversight around these key corporate processes that reinforces the links between them and how they increase organisational intelligence and underpin an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

* these duties may be added or deleted from and may be subject to change.

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Line Manager: