StratChange Consulting OCM Change Services 2015

Organisational Change Management
Insight and Capabilities - 2015
Our view of what drives change
Our View – Change Accelerators
Our approach is to work jointly with you as a trusted change partner, sharing our view and insight
around the key drivers of change. We then work with you to create the right kind of interventions
to support the change journey.
Typical Change Accelerators
Regulatory pressures
Transformation risk
Enabling growth
Restoring credibility and trust
Increasing productivity
Increasing shareholder value
People Change Implications
What TOM and Governance structure changes are
required to operate in the new world?
How do you align the culture and behaviours in the
organisation to rebuild your risk profile?
How do you optimise growth through effective
organisational design , workforce planning and
change management strategies?
What stakeholder engagement strategies, skills and
behaviours are needed to win ‘hearts and minds’?
Do you have the best possible Change support
network in place to help deliver and sustain Change
over time?
Is there an effective performance management
system linked to Reward and Talent Management in
place, to support a high performance culture?
Our capabilities
People Change considerations
How can StratChange help?
Implementation of new ERP or business technology, TOM and
Governance structures which requires ‘hands on’
organisational change support
Alignment of people to culture and behaviours in order to
deliver on the organisation’s strategic priorities
Having an optimal organisational structure with clearly
defined roles, accountabilities and metrics . Mapping roles to
new ERP system.
‘Winning the hearts and minds’ of key stakeholders
Change management strategy design (visioning, shaping
and delivering change)
Stakeholder analysis, engagement and communication
Benefits identification and management
Define the ‘As-Is’ state and working towards defining the
target culture and behaviours
Cultural change assessment
Assess the readiness for change
Assess the impact of change and preparing the
organisation to embrace transformation efforts
Organisation design and defining the new ways of
Role profiling
Workforce planning and optimisation
KPI development
Identify early, and address possible or potential causes of
resistance to change
Provide support and guidance to senior stakeholders in
managing complex organisational change
Work with the organisation’s top leadership to develop a
common vision for the future
Having a great change management support mechanism in
place to help embed and sustain the changes happening
across the organisation
Establish the Change Agent Network
Implement employee engagement tools
Train, coach and mentor internal change champions
Alignment of the change agenda to supporting HR strategies
and interventions
Develop performance management frameworks
HR strategic review
Contact Details
Vellendra Sannasy: Director (Business Transformation &
Mobile: 07891575594 / Telephone: 01442236261
Email: [email protected]
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