Dream, Set, and Achieve: Goal Setting and Your Future

Dream, Set, and Achieve: Goal Setting
and Your Future
Women Leadership Conference
WEHO 2013
Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh
Sahar Consulting, LLC
Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh
Sahar Consulting, LLC
• Resolutions; Dreams come true
• Resources: Network, effort, time and
• S..M.A.R.T. Goals
• Visualization
• Setting Goals
• Personal performance levels
• Time wasters
• Procrastination
• Obstacles
• Mission, vision USP
• Wheel of life
• Plan of Action
Anatole France:
"To accomplish great things, we must not only act,
but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
Did You Know?
3% of the population has specific, written goals
They are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than:
10% of the population that have general, unwritten goals,
37% of the population that just dream and wish, and
50% of the population that wait for things to happen to them!
Goal Setting Definitions
• Goal: What an individual is trying to accomplish
through his or her behavior and actions.
• Goal Setting Theory: A theory that focuses on
identifying the types of goals that are most
effective in producing high levels of motivation
and performance and why goals have these
• Goal setting can operate to enhance both
intrinsic motivation (in the absence of any
extrinsic rewards) and extrinsic motivation (when
workers are given extrinsic rewards for achieving
their goals).
Where do I start?
everything you want.
No limits. Ask yourself “What would I
attempt to do, if I couldn’t fail?”
Dream like a child. Let your imagination
run wild!
Define your dream precisely and why
One goal at a time, with a realistic
Set Short term goals towards a long
term one
Pygmalion Effect
Whatever we focus on, we see, whatever we fear we draw near.
What we see is deeply influenced by what we expect, we are what
we THINK we are.
Pygmalion Effect: A psychological finding where high
expectations of self or of others causes high performance or
becomes our own positive self-fulfilling prophecy and vice versa
with low expectations.
Setting SMART Goals
• Emotionally charged goals/ passion is the
best motivator
• Goal setting is critical to effective time and
stress management strategies.
• Take responsibility of your life- Make
yourself accountable, for all events either
unforeseen or uncontrollable.
• S.M.A.R.T. goals are the blueprints of the
objectives along with the steps you will take
to achieve your stated goals.
• Better chances to success
Goal Setting
Specific – Provides a distinct picture of the
goal and clear guidance on actions to
increase success. Answer the questions –
Who, What, Where, When, Which, Why
Measurable - Measuring actions and progress
can be an excellent motivator.
Attainable - Is the goal attainable within the
time frame established?
Realistic - It should be slightly out of your
grasp to challenge you to grow, but realistic.
Time Frame - Getting a time frame allows you
to evaluate our progress and restate your
goal accordingly, not to drift into others more
pressing goals
Prioritize Your Goals
• First set the goals.
• Set goals/ deadlines prioritizing
them from urgent to important etc…
• Break large projects to smaller ones
Focus on one goal, the most
important goal right now.
• A large part of goal setting is not
just identifying what you want, but
also identifying what you must give
up in your life in order to get it.
Motivation to Goal Setting
To motivate yourself; goals must have:
1. Clarity: Not ambiguous, specific
2. Challenge: Achievements motivate, balance
between a challenging goal and a realistic goal
3. Commitment: To achieve goals
4. Feedback: Provides opportunities to clarify
expectations, adjust goal difficulty, and gain
5. Task Complexity: Motivation
Statement: Personal Goals
 Specific:
3 Questions:
 Measurable:
 Attainable:
 Risk/ Realistic:
 Timed:
1. Why do you want to do this?
2. How will you reward
3. Who is your accountability
20 Principles Of Goal Setting
1. Unlock Your Potential
2. Take Charge of Your Life
Remember that your true potential is
You are responsible for everything you are
unlimited. What you accomplished in life so today, and forward in your life. Refuse to
make excuses or to blame others.
far is only a preparation for the amazing
things you can accomplish in the future.
3. Create Your Own Future
4. Clarify Your Values
Imagine that you have no limitations on
what you can do, be or ahead. Think about
and plan your future as if you had all the
resources and couldn’t fail.
Your innermost values and convictions
define you as a person. Think through what
you really believe in and care and stick to it
5. Determine Your True Goals 6. Your own Major Purpose
Decide for yourself what you really want
to accomplish in every area of your life.
Clarity is essential for happiness and
high performance living
(Wheel of Life)
You need a central purpose to build your
life around. State it n a positive way .
Decide what it is for you and work on it all
the time.
Remember the POWER OF WORDS
Power of Words
Wheel of Life
7. Unlock Your Creativity
8. Visualize Your Goals
You have more creative ability to solve
problems than ever know. Tap into your
intelligence to overcome any obstacle and
achieve any goal you can set for yourself.
Let your imagination go wild, Dream, dream
and dream. unleash all your mental powers
and attract your goals into your life. ***
Emotionalizing and visualizing your
goal will help you create the desire
to materialize it.
See your goals as if they already
One of the best visualization tools is
to picture your destination.
Start with the end in mind
Create a list of the benefits you will
see when you achieve your goal and
concentrate on how that will make
you feel.
9. Analyze Your Beliefs
10. Start at the Beginning
Beliefs about your own abilities, and about
the world around you. Make sure that your
beliefs are positive and consistent with
achieving everything that is possible
Know where you are, your starting point,
determine your exact situation today and
be both honest and realistic about what
you want to accomplish in the future.
11. Eliminate the Obstacles
12. Get Around The Right People
Success boils down to the ability to solve
problems and remove obstacles once
identified. Biggest one is self-sabotage,
and lack of self-confidence.
Choices of people you live, work and
socialize with have more of an effect on
your success than any other factor. Your
network is a resource
What is holding you back?
Challenges to
Self Confidence: Journey
13. Manage Your Time Well
Learn time management principles.
Use Journals, set priorities.
14. Do not Procrastinate
Delaying a task (or even several tasks)
that should be a priority.
Maximize Productivity
• Maximize productivity by capitalizing on our personal
• Check what time of the day you are most energetic
• Schedule your day accordingly:
1. High: Schedule New learning, very complex activity
2. Good: Good for Most activities
3. Average: Most activities, not highly complex or new
4. Below Average: Schedule Routine activities, attending
5. Low: Easy activities, some routine activities
Eat A Frog?
People procrastinate because of:
1- Not having clear deadlines.
2- Fear of failure or success.
3- Task feels overwhelming.
4- Don’t know where to start.
5- No passion for doing the work.
1. Frog being the ugliest task of the day.
2. The worst is behind you; 2 frogs …
3. The key to fight procrastination: Develop
lifelong habit each morning. Break big
goals to smaller ones.
4. Don’t spend excessive time planning
Reward yourself
Avoid Time Wasters
• Make a list of your bad habits
– Post it!
• Set aside quiet time
– It’s OK to close the door from time to time!
– Put it on your schedule/to-do list
• Set aside time for email, phone calls
– Or, if you’re like me and can’t resist email, find a
productive workspace where it’s hard to read email
• Pick a time to work when others aren’t there
• If a stray worry, idea, to-do item pops into your head,
write it down and deal with it later.
• Have a Journal- Amazing what you will learn
15. Do Something Every Day
16. Review Your Goals Daily
Start toward your goal; do something every Take time regularly to review & reevaluate
your goals to keep on track. Be prepared to
day that moves you closer to what you
modify your goals and plans if needed
want to accomplish.
17. Start A Plan of Action
Your ability to plan and organize in
advance will enable you to accomplish
even the biggest and most complex goals.
18. Have Faith& Be Persistent
Persistence, and perseverance will
guarantee great success in life.
Persistence is self-discipline in action, and
is the true measure of your belief in
yourself. Never give up!
19. Measure Your Progress
20. Celebrate& Reward yourself
Set clear benchmarks, measures, and
metrics to assess progress to make
necessary adjustments if needed.
Always, always celebrate your milestones,
and reward your success no matter how
Take Action Today
These are the twenty most important principles of goal setting and goal
achieving ever discovered. Your regular review and practice of these
principles will enable you to live an extraordinary life. Nothing can stop
you now.
Tools: Treasure Mapping
• It is the icing on the visualization cake
• Involves creating a physical representation or collage
of what you want to achieve.
• It acts as a constant reminder and
representation of your goals.
• It intensifies the effects of
visualization, which acts on your
subconscious mind to motivate and
encourage you towards achieving
those goals.
Treasure Mapping
• Clarify your goals, write them down in details
• Ask yourself questions such as:
1. What will I see when I have achieved my goal?
2. What will I have? What will I be?
3. How will I celebrate the achievement?
4. How will other people see me and what I have
• Collect images in a collage, ultimate goal go in the
most prominent position of your treasure map – at
the top or in the middle.
• Visualize the journey towards achieving the goals:
What you will do, what you will stop, milestones,
• Hang the collage in a visible place to look at it
everyday to motivate and inspire you
Your USP should be one concise sentence that best
describes you, who you are, how unique are you, your
biggest strength and how you can benefit anyone
around you (Family, Client, Employer, Cause)
Currently…What specific thing(s) am I doing that is
strategically important and difficult to substitute?
Person of the Year…YEAR OVER
What would it read?
Vision Statement: inspires you, inform others what you will
accomplish in the future. It answers the question WHY
Mission statement: Describes what you do, where you are
going, How different are you, where you are headed. It answers
the WHAT and the HOW
What is one thing that I can do more of to make the above
written statement happen? Don’t be modest – be realistic
Credit to Sompong Yusoontorn