Nelson*s Custom Program Mission

Digital Engagement Tools for Biology
Julianne Isaac & Lindsay Bradac
Digital Solutions Managers
Chickering and Gamson ‘Seven Principles of
Good Practice in Undergraduate Education’
(AAHE Bulletin, 1987)
1. Encourages contact between students and
2. Develops reciprocity and cooperation
among students
3. Encourages active learning
4. Provides prompt feedback
5. Emphasizes time on task
6. Communicates high expectations
7. Respects Diverse Talents and Ways of
The Digital Instructor Profile
Print-Digital Hybrid
Married to print for many
years and find it hard to
Values technology, but also
appreciates printed textbooks
Resistant to (and intimidated
by) technology
Want technology to provide
efficiencies in order to save time and
Works harder to compensate
for not using technology
Finding it harder to engage
some students
Represents a large segment
of the market
Up to the challenge of improving
student engagement, but
acknowledge that it is not easy.
Digital Leader
Desire to build online courses
Wants to reach new students
outside traditional borders
Influencer to the “Hybrid”
Need support in developing /
delivering online courses
Custom is a must!
Fastest growing part of the market
Relatively small, but fast growing
segment of the market
Online Courses
Premium Websites
Homework Solutions
Complements Course
Connects In Class to Out of Class
Created Ground Up
Homework w/ Instant Feedback
Turn Key Online Courses
Premium Digital Assets
Enhanced eBook
Premium Assets + Assessment
Enhanced eBooks
Mastery Level Assessment
Outcome Based / Instructional Designers
Engage. Prepare. Educate.
Engage. Prepare. Educate.
 Over 20 years in the making!
 Deep coverage of Biology and Evolutionary history of earth's biodiversity
 Assists in a Zoology course, focusing on invertebrates or upper level
invertebrate course
 Vertebrates coming soon!
 Lab modules, video with companion observation guides, drag and drop
quizzes, interactive crossword puzzles, self-study materials
 Academically rich and interactive glossary expands from every link
 Multitude of copyright and royalty free illustrations and lecture materials
 Easy navigation for students by modularizing the groups via the
classification scheme
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