Mythology Tic-Tac-Toe Project Instructions

Mythology Tic-Tac-Toe Assessment
Complete three activities from the chart below using the myths you read for your Myth Pass. The three activities you choose must be a
Tic-Tac-Toe winner! In other words, you must choose three activities connected in a line. Your line may go horizontally, vertically, or
diagonally from the upper left to bottom right; your line MAY NOT go from bottom left to upper right!
Vocab Sentences
Use all 9 vocabulary words you selected
for your myth pass correctly in an
original sentence that clearly shows the
meaning of the word.
Your sentences do not need to relate to
each other.
Underline the vocabulary word in each
Rate the Myths
Using a 10 star scale, rate all three myths
you read for your myth pass.
You may not give the same rating to
more than one myth.
On a piece of paper, write the title of
each myth, provide the star rating you
are giving it, and write a 2-4 sentence
explanation of why it received the rating
it did.
Importance of Mythology
Your school has just decided it may
remove Greek Mythology from the
curriculum! OH NO! You need to do
something to save it!
Write a short speech (7-10 sentences)
convincing the school to keep
mythology in the classroom.
You must answer the question: Why do
we need to still study Greek Mythology
Your Favorite Paragraph
Write a paragraph explaining which
myth you read for your Myth Pass is your
favorite and why.
Your paragraph must be 7 -10 sentences.
Include DETAILS about what you liked
compared to the other myths.
Think about characters, events, and
themes to get you started.
Mythology Overview
Pretend an alien arrives from outer space
and it is your job to explain what Greek
Mythology is.
Write a short speech that you would
give the alien that overviews Greek
Mythology (7-10 sentences)
Think about all the gods, goddesses, and
myths we studied and include what you
think is most important.
Vocab Poem
Use all 9 vocabulary words you selected
for your myth pass in a creative poem.
Your poem can follow any form,
including free-verse.
Your poem CAN relate to mythology but
does not have to.
Using your understanding of the Greek
gods and goddesses, create a NEW &
MODERN god/goddess!
Create a name for your god and write a
brief description of what your god is in
charge of and does.
Put this information neatly and creatively
on a sheet of computer paper with an
illustration of what your god looks like.
Vocab Picture Collage
For each of the 9 vocabulary words you
selected for your myth pass, draw an
illustration that represents the definition
of each word.
All of your illustrations should fit on one
piece of computer paper.
Be sure to label each picture with the
word it is illustration.
Read This Myth…Or Not!
Write a persuasive paragraph convincing
a reader to either read or not read one
myth from your Myth Pass.
Your paragraph should be 7-10
sentences long and have a title.
Use details from the story as reasons why
the audience should follow your advice.
**All of your work should have your name and class period on it and be stapled together neatly before being turned in!!**