Unit 5 Study Guide Name: Belts in the US: Place the correct name of

Unit 5 Study Guide
Name: ____________________
Belts in the US: Place the correct name of each region above the map.
Answer Choices: Sun Belt; Mormon Corridor; Wheat Belt; Bible Belt; Coal Belt; Mining Belt
1. __________________________
2. __________________________
3. ____________________________
4. __________________________
5. ___________________________
6. _____________________________
7. __________________________
8. What is the continental divide in the US and Canada?
9. Name a state that is in the rust belt
10. Name a state that is in the mining belt
11. Name a state that is in the sun belt
12. Much of Canada’s physical geography was formed by:
13. The area of Canada that has rocky un-arable soil is called?
14. The northern most biome in Canada is ____
15. The biome to the south of #7 with mostly coniferous trees is called _____
16. Who did the US gain independence from?
17. What does it mean for a country to be bilingual? What are the two official languages of Canada?
18. What is imperialism?
19. A tax placed on imports is called a __? What took these away between the countries of North America?
20. What is the division of power between federal and state government?
21. The first ten amendments to the US Constitution are called_______________
22. The legislative branch in the US is divided into these two houses. __________________ and
23. What type of economy is the US? _______________________ Canada? ______________________
24. The trade organization between North American countries is called: ___________________
25. __________________________ a country imports more than it exports
26. ___________________________ a country exports more than it imports
27. ___________________________ an overseas settlement tied to a parent country
28. The US gained Texas and many of the Western states from ____________________________
29. The US gained the Louisiana Purchase (the middle part of the country) from ___________________________
30. The idea that each branch of government can make sure the others do no abuse their power
Be able to identify where each of the following is located
St. Lawrence
Rio Grande
Missouri River
Other water features
Gulf of Mexico
Great Lakes
Arctic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Hudson Bay
Land forms
Appalachian Mountains
Pacific Coastal Ranges
Rocky Mountains
Great Plains
Interior lowlands
Atlantic Coastal Plains
Sierra Nevada
Cascade Mountains
Gulf Coastal Plains
Canadian Shield
Grand Canyon
Columbia Plateau
Colorado Plateau