Regions of the United States - Around the World with Mrs. Morris

Regions of the
United States
• What is a Region?
• A region is an area with similar characteristics
• Physical Region
• Similar physical characteristics. Ex: Sahara Desert
• Formal Region
• This region has clear boundaries.
• Functional Region
• This region has similar functions. A Metropolitan is an example of
a functional region.
• Perceptual Region
• This region is based on people’s ideas or opinions about an area.
Ex: Bible Belt, or Deep South.
Financial Hub
• This is where our financial centers are in the United States
• Label the darker colored states on your map.
Bread Basket States
• These states have large industries in wheat, corn, and dairy.
• Label this region in your map.
Rust Belt
• The Rust belt is the region in the United States where most of
the initial factories were located when Industrialization took
• Label the Rust Belt on your Map
Sun Belt
• This region is much sunnier than anywhere else in the United States
and does not get much snow.
• Label this region on your map
Bible Belt
• This area is the most densely populated with Christians. This is
a perceptual region
• Label this region on your map