North America Unit

Name the four regions of the
West, Midwest, South, Northeast
What kind of regions are these?
Which region has a humid subtropical
Which region contains the dairy belt, corn
belt and the Great Lakes?
The wheat belt runs through what physical
feature of the U.S.?
Great Plains
The Continental Divide does what in the U.S.?
Divides the flow or rivers east and west
Define outsourcing.
When jobs are transferred out of the country
due to lower labor costs.
Why is it that only 2% of Americans are
farmers and yet we have plenty of food?
Technology (machinery for farming), good
climates and plenty of farm land
Give an example of Americanization.
McDonalds in China
Canada has a parliamentary democracy.
What does that mean?
Only 2 branches of government; parliament
picks PM
In which Canadian province do they speak
Define urban sprawl.
Poorly planned development of suburbs
Why is it important for a city or state to have
access to a waterway, such as a river, lake or the
Makes trade much easier
What is the recent population trend in the
People moving south to the sun belt
Where do most Canadians live and why?
Southern part of the country, near the U.S.
border where it is warmer
Why is there more acid rain in the eastern
U.S. than in the western part of the country?
More cities, factories in the east
What is a perceptual region?
When people have a perception of what an
area is like without having ever been there.
The United Nations (U.N.) is to ________ as
NAFTA is to trade.
World peace
What innovation made living in the South
more favorable?
Air conditioning
In what region is the megalopolis?