1. Circulatory System Review Test: Friday, December

IB Biology
The Endocrine System Test Review
1. Define homeostasis and give one example.
2. Define negative feedback and give one explained example.
3. Explain the differences in how steroid and peptide hormones act on the cell and give one
example of each type of hormone.
4. Explain the relationship between the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.
5. Name and explain the function of each of the anterior pituitary hormones.
6. Name and explain the function of each of the posterior pituitary hormones.
7. Explain how hormones help us maintain a constant body temperature.
8. Explain how hormones regulate our blood sugar levels.
9. Explain how the pineal gland regulates our circadian rhythms and how melatonin may be useful
in treating jet lag.
10. Explain the differences in the causes and treatments of type I and typeII diabetes.
11. What are the symptoms of hypthroidism? How can thyroid problems be prevented through our
12. What is the source of leptin and what does it do?
13. Explain how oxytocin and prolactin are involved in the production of breast milk.
14. Why might athlete’s abuse human growth hormone? What are the negative effects on the