SAT Vocabulary Book Guidelines

SAT Vocabulary Book Guidelines
• use
• must have vocab book in class and out at bell working in it DAILY
• you are never DONE with this book
• major grade test every three units
• your book should NOT be pristine and clean - every page should be filled with writing, learning
is like any sport or passion you pursue - it gets dirty, intellect takes hard work - you will not be
coming off the field in clean pads and helmet - it should be banged up, dirty - WRITTEN IN!
For Each Unit:
1. Read and/or listen to the story (access the mp3 file using the QR Code on side of passage). Box the
vocabulary words within the passage and identify each words connotation (+,-, or N). Also, you MUST be
able to correctly pronounce all words (may be tested).
2. Create a picture note, visual image, for each vocabulary word. If a word has multiple meanings, you
need a visual image for each meaning.
3. Complete all activities for each unit. All activities are due the day of the quiz.