Suggestions to Improve Language Skills/Development at Home:

Suggestions to Improve Language Skills/Development at Home:
(List compiled by April Nuetzman, SLP)
1. Talk about everything! Talk about things you are doing, seeing,
hearing, or experiencing in any way.
2. Model good language skills when you are talking with your child. Use
lots of different words/vocabulary, and use them in complete
3. Repeat back what your child says, and add more details to it. Child
says, “See that car.” Parent can respond, “Yes, I see that car. It’s
blue. See how dirty it is.”
4. Question your child as you talk. “What could we do if our car was
dirty?” or “When do we need to wash our car?”
5. Provide choices if child has difficulty answering questions. “Where do
we go to buy food? The grocery store or the kitchen?”
6. Ask a variety of question types. Who, what, when, where, why, how,
7. Have your child make predictions. “What do you think we’ll do when
we get home today?” or “Let’s guess what the weather will be like
8. Repeat and rephrase directions as needed. Use simple vocabulary, and
only give 1 or 2 step directions at a time.
9. Have your child repeat back what you say to them to make sure they
10. Encourage your child to ask questions or for more information if they
need it.
11. Don’t overdo it. Good language skills are used for the purpose of
communication. Communicate often with your child, but don’t force it.
Please remember to call or e-mail me any time you have
questions or concerns with your child’s speech therapy.
Lauren G. Rogers, MS/CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist