SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
Below is a list of items pertaining to Wal-mart. Each one is either a Strength, Weakness,
Opportunity or a Threat. There are 3 per section. Read each and enter the number of that item
within the correct section of the SWOT chart below.
Wal-mart Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
1. Wal-Mart is a powerful retail brand. It has a reputation for value for money, convenience and
a wide range of products all in one store.
2. New locations and store types offer Wal-Mart opportunities to exploit market development.
3. Wal-Mart is the World's largest grocery retailer and control of its empire, despite its IT
advantages, could leave it weak in some areas due to the huge span of control.
4. Being number one means that you are the target of competition, locally and globally.
5. The stores are currently only trading in a relatively small number of countries. Therefore
there are tremendous opportunities for future business in expanding consumer markets, such
as China and India.
6. Wal-Mart has grown substantially over recent years, and has experienced global expansion
7. Being a global retailer means that you are exposed to political problems in the countries that
you operate in.
8. Low Manufacturing has lead to price competition, resulting in price deflation in some ranges.
Intense price competition.
9. The company has highly effective information technology to support its international
logistics system. It can see how individual products are performing country-wide, store-bystore at a glance. IT also supports Wal-Mart's efficient procurement.
10. Since Wal-Mart sell products across many sectors (such as clothing, food, or stationary), it
may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors.
11. The company is global, but has a presence in relatively few countries Worldwide.
12. To take over, merge with, or form strategic alliances with other global retailers, focusing on
specific markets such as Europe or the Greater China Region
SWOT Analysis
Below is a list of items pertaining to Hewlett Packard. Each is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity
or a Threat. This exercise does not have three per section. Read each item and enter the number
of that item within the correct section of the SWOT chart below.
Hewlett Packard Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Strong Market Position - Recently (April 2010), Hewlett-Packard’s shares closed at
$53.15. l with over 17% of the PC Market while Dell settled for second at 14%.
Hewlett Packard can boast 30% of the global server market and 40% of the global printer
IT is a Hyper-competitive environment - It competes in terms of price, quality, brand,
technology, reputation, distribution and range of products, among other factors. In some
regions, the company faces competition from local companies and from genericallybranded or white box manufacturers.
Their Market Segment Integration is weak - The company’s portfolio of offerings lack
significant software product or manage consulting services when compared to major
It has Prominent Brand Name Recognition and has launched a branding initiative called,
“One Voice,” in order to better integrate its line of consumer electronics and computer
hardware products.
Expanding presence in cloud computing market - Cloud computing describes a new
delivery model for IT services and could be an area they could expand into.
Successful Strategic Acquisitions - The company’s major mergers and acquisitions in the
recent past include Compaq Computer Corporation, Mercury Interactive, and Electronic
Data Systems Corporation
Expanding their portfolio of imaging and printing solutions - Hewlett Packard has made
several strategic acquisitions and introduced new products in the imaging solutions
segment in recent times and needs to look for solutions to new growth in this area.
Projected decreases in the IT markets - Forecasters predict a decrease in the worldwide
demand for various IT products offered by HP.