The Opportunity Cost of Wal-mart

The Opportunity Cost of Wal-mart
Wal-mart has an opportunity cost for “low price”.
This is the criticisms that were addressed in the
High Price of Low Cost video watched in class.
Which is the best choice for Wal-mart? Continue to
offer low prices to consumers and maximize profits
for investors, or to address the criticisms of low pay
and poor benefits for employees, buying goods
from overseas, and the undermining of local
Your Assignment
Written response addressing which choice YOU feel is most correct for
Wal-mart? Make sure you explain the reasoning behind your decision
with detail and also address why the opposite option is wrong.
(Remember you cannot have your cake and eat it too!)
-Typed Double Space
-12 point font
-1 Full Page to 2 pages
- Address specific criticisms levied by the video against Wal-mart .