Exam 2 Study Guide

Social Problems
Study Guide for Exam 2
Exam 2 is an open-note essay exam. Your answers are to be written in essay format and
should be about 12-15 sentences long (or longer) per question. Be sure you explain your
answers thoroughly, with comprehensive definitions and plenty of examples. You can
either write your exam in a blue book, or staple 3-4 blank pieces of notebook paper
together (I will only accept STAPLED notebook papers). You will be answering a total of 3
questions- one from each of the following sections below.
The Male Gaze (PowerPoint)
1. What is the Male Gaze? Where do you see the Male Gaze? How does it relate to our
interactions and expectations with one another, and how it can affect someone’s
Physical and Mental Health (Chapter 2)
1. What are some of the social and lifestyle factors that contribute to the growing
problem of obesity among adults and children in the United States? How can the
economy and social class play a role in obesity? What do the statistics say about
2. Explain how structural-functionalism, the conflict perspective, and symbolic
interactionism differ in their approaches to the study of health problems. Give
specific examples to illustrate your explanations.
Environmental Problems (Chapter 13)
1. What is global warming (define)? What are some of the causes of global warming
(explain)? What are the projected effects of global warming (problems)? What does
the research show us? What can individuals do to help decrease global warming?
2. Compare and contrast the structural functionalist and conflict approaches to the
study of environmental problems. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of both