Global Warming Writing Due Thursday, 12/4/14

Global Warming Writing
Due Thursday, 12/4/14
Essential Questions: Has human activity caused global warming/climate change? Or is climate change
just a natural phenomenon?
Writing should probably be around ½ page – 1 page in length.
There should probably be a minimum of 3 paragraphs: an introduction, a body with the 3 pieces
of evidence, and a short conclusion.
o How much you discuss each one of your points/pieces of evidence will affect how long
your essay is.
o The introduction should include a topic sentence that either takes one side of the global
warming theory, or it may introduce the topic as a whole, and you can discuss the
evidence from both sides. Just make sure your points back up your topic sentence.
o The conclusion may just wrap up what you’ve already said, or it may offer your ideas or
solutions, or thoughts for the future.
You must have evidence from at least 3 different sources, and your sources must be cited.
o Citations don’t need to be in a particular format, just make sure you include the full
website name and address, or author and name of article, etc…
o Citations can be at the end of the paragraph where the information was used, or at the
end of the essay.
o Unless you are using a direct quote and use quotation marks, all information should be
paraphrased and not directly copied and pasted from a source.
Essays may be hand-written or typed.