1st Quarter Study Guide Answers

Quarter Study Guide Answers
Fall 2015
Burnette & Davis
1. What is the significance of the
emperor Sargon?
• He was the first leader in history to create a
permanent army.
• He built the first empire in the world with it!
2. Define culture…
• the beliefs, customs, and art of a group.
3. What effect did the invention of
tools have on early humans?
• They INCREASED the chances for survival
4. What was the most important
result of the Neolithic Revolution?
• The change from hunting-gathering to farming
5. Who were scribes and why were
they important in Sumerian society?
• Scribes were people with power in Sumerian
society because people who could read and
write were important.
6. What was the Epic of Gilgamesh?
The world’s oldest piece of fictional literature
about a hero and a flood
7. What effect did farming have on
people in the Stone Age?
• It allowed them to build permanent
8. Why might cities grow along rivers?
• Rivers provide routes for moving people &
• Rivers allow for more fertile land to provide
food for the city.
9. Cause & Effect- If people have a
stable food supply then…
• People can stay in one place and create
10. List things a human geographer
would be interested in studying
Population density
11. What are physical characteristics?
Give 3 examples
• Landforms – the natural way the land is
• Mountains
• Plains
• Valleys
12. Give an example of relative
• Describing where something is compared to
another location.
• Examples: “WEMS is next to WEHS.”
• “Japan is east of China.”
• “My house is down the road from the
Corvette Museum.”
13. What are some ways landforms
can affect people’s lives?
• Keeps them isolated so they don’t speak the
same language
• Influences where people settle
• Influences what jobs are available
14. What types of physical features
would attract settlement?
• A rich mineral deposit
• A river valley
• Fertile farmland
15. What can you find on a physical
• Landforms
• Mountain ranges
• Bodies of water
16. What is Human Environment
Interaction? Give 3 examples.
• HEI is when we change the natural landscape
of the earth! Think of how the earth looked
before humans were here. Examples:
• Mining for coal
• Building neighborhoods
• Irrigating a field of crops
17. Describe a political map & the
information you find on it.
• It’s a kind of map that shows boundaries of
how humans divided the earth into states
and/or countries
18. Between which two bodies of is
Mesopotamia located?
• Tigris River & Euphrates River
19. As people migrated out of Africa,
which continent was settled last.
• South America
20. Graphic Organizer of how
Mesopotamia developed.
People settled
where crops
would grow.
Villages and
cities formed.