Unit 5

Subject: Civics and Economics
Grade Level: 10th
Unit Title: Unit 5 The Criminal Justice System
Timeframe Needed for Completion: 2 Weeks
Grading Period: 2nd Nine Weeks
Big Idea/Theme: Legal Systems
Understandings: How law developed in American society
The basis of law in America
The different types of law
Legal protections
Legal procedure
Jurisdiction of the dual court system in US
Curriculum Goals/Objectives:
Essential Questions:
CE.C&G.2.1 Analyze the structures of national, state & local
Where did our laws originate?
governments in terms of ways they are organized to maintain
● What would life be like without laws?
order, security, welfare of public and the protection of citizens.
● What makes a law a good law?
CE.C&G.3.1 Analyze how the rule of law establishes limits on
● Should moral codes play a role in society and
both the governed and those who govern while holding true to the
ideal of equal protection under the law
● Should public officials be held to a higher moral standard?
CE.C&G.3.4 Explain how individual rights are protected by
● What roles should citizens play in upholding the law?
varieties of law
● Is the death penalty cruel & unusual or just punishment?
CE.C&G.3.5 Compare jurisdictions and methods of law
● Should recidivist juvenile delinquents be sentenced as
enforcement applied at each level of government, consequences
of noncompliance to laws at each level and how each reflects
● Is breaking a law ever justified?
equal protection under the law
● How can citizens effectively remedy an unfair law?
CE.C&G.3.7 Summarize the importance of the right to due
process of law for individuals accused of crimes
CE.C&G.5.2 Analyze state and federal courts by
outlining their jurisdictions and the adversarial nature of
the judicial process
CE.C&G.5.3 Analyze national, state and local
government agencies in terms of how they balance
interests and resolve conflicts
Essential Skills/Vocabulary:
Common Law
Civil Law
Criminal Law
Administrative Law
Statutory Law
Know the difference between legal codes and moral codes
Due Process of Law & court interpretation
Equal Protection Clause
Legal Procedure
Legal protections in the U.S. Constitution
Concurrent Jurisdiction
Juvenile Delinquency
Justinian Code
Napoleonic Code
10 Commandments
Integration Opportunities: Public Speaking Classes and
Assessment Tasks:
Flow chart creation of jurisdiction & appeals process
Paideia Seminar on the Constitutionality of Punishment
Sentencing Activity
You be the Judge Activity
Court case project
Reflective writing on necessity of laws activity
Interactive notebook
Multiple choice, short answer & constructed response
Voir dire activity and prompt
Jurisdiction hopscotch
Story construction on criminal justice procedure using
Clips on examples of civil, criminal and constitutional law
McDonald’s coffee case KNL