Ch 13 Manifest Destiny

Ch. 13: Manifest Destiny (18181853)
P. 351
Lesson 1: The Oregon Country
P. 354
Rivalry in the Northwest
 Oregon Country: claimed by 4 countries
 United States
 Great Britain
 Spain
 Russia
Adams-Onis Treaty
 1819: Spain gives up FL, claims to Oregon
 1824: Russia gives up its claim to land south of Alaska
 Britain & U.S.: joint occupation of Oregon
Mountain Men in Oregon
 American Fur Company: Oregon
Country’s leading fur company (beaver
 Over time, some mountain men moved
to Oregon & settled on farms
 Others carve out passages, guide
settlers west
 Oregon Trail, California Trail, Santa
Fe Trail, etc.
Oregon and Manifest Destiny
 Marcus & Narcissa: missionaries, built a mission
among the Cayuse people in present-day Washington
 Measles epidemic kills many Cayuse children
 Cayuse blame the Whitmans
 1847: Cayuse kill the Whitmans & 11 others
 Massacre does not scare away other emigrants in
their prairie schooners
Oregon and Manifest Destiny (cont.)
 It is America’s “Manifest Destiny to overspread and to
possess the whole of the continent which Providence has
given us.”
 1844 presidential election
 James Polk (Democrat): “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight”
 Polk wins, becomes 11th president (1845-1849)
 1846: U.S. and Britain compromise
 Oregon’s northern border set at 49˚ N latitude
Lesson 2: Statehood for Florida and
P. 359
 Floridians vote to seek statehood
 1839: FL constitution sent to U.S. Congress for
 Allowed slavery (problem)
 Called for a system of public schools
 1845: FL becomes slave state (27th state); Iowa
becomes free state
 1821: Mexico wins independence from Spain, includes Texas
 Texas: small population (mainly Native Americans & Tejanos)
 Mexicans offer land to people who would bring families to
settle there
 Americans go, supposed to become Mexican citizens
 Outnumber Mexicans
 Tejanos break Mexicans’ rules
 Don’t learn Spanish
 Don’t become Catholic
 Use slaves
Texas (cont.)
 1830: Mexico issues decree
 Closes borders to further immigration
 Texans: break away from Mexico?
 1835: Mexican General Santa Anna leads army
into Texas
The Alamo
 Feb 1836: ~180 Texans barricade themselves inside the Alamo
 Leaders: Davy Crockett, William B. Travis, Jim Bowie
 Hold off Mexicans for 13 days
 March 6: Mexicans enter Alamo, kill all rebels (exc. a few
women, children & servants)
 “Remember the Alamo!”
Texas Declares its Independence
 March 2, 1836: Republic of Texas established
 April 21, 1836: Sam Houston surprises Mexicans at Battle of
San Jacinto, killing or capturing almost everyone
 May 14, 1836: Santa Anna signs treaty recognizing Texan
 September 1836: Sam Houston elected as president of Texas
 Wants U.S. to annex Texas
 Jackson refuses (not another slave state)
 1845: Polk annexes Texas
Quiz Topics
 Countries that claimed Oregon Country
 Adams-Onis Treaty
 Joint occupation
 Marcus & Narcissa Whitman
 Mountain men
 Why Florida was allowed to become a state
 Why Americans moved to Texas
 The Alamo
 Battle of San Jacinto
 Why some people did not want Florida or Texas to become states