Chapter 12 Review

Chapter 12 Review
Students should understand the following content in detail for the Chapter 12 Test:
1. I can describe the meaning of Manifest Destiny.
2. I can describe where and how the United States expanded in the 1840s.
3. I can explain what mountain men were doing in the west.
4. I can describe the experiences travelers had on the Oregon Trail.
5. I can explain how the United States acquired the Oregon Country.
6. I can describe why Americans moved to Texas.
7. I can explain why Texans clashed with the Mexican government.
8. I can explain the importance of the Battle of the Alamo.
9. I can describe how the Texans won their independence from Mexico.
10. I can explain how Texas became a state.
11. I can explain why the northerners did not want Texas to be added as a state.
12. I can explain why the United States went to war with Mexico, and the outcome of the war.
13. I can describe the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
14. I know where Oregon, Texas, and the Mexican Cession are on a map.
15. I can describe the effects the victory in the Mexican War had on the United States.
16. I can describe why the U.S. made the Gadsden Purchase.
17. I can explain why gold influenced the growth of California.
18. I can describe what life was like for the forty-niners in their quest to find gold.
19. I can explain how many businesses profited from the Gold Rush.
20. I can explain why Mormons moved to the Utah Territory.