US Expansion Since 1783

US Expansion
Since 1783
Original U.S.
1783 - Boundary extends west to Miss. River,
South to Florida and North to Canada
Louisiana Purchase
When - 1803
Where -Extends border west of Miss River to
Rocky Mts
How: Purchased from France (Napoleon) for
$15 million
British Cession
1818 Where: Carved out Northwestern Minnesota
and Northeastern North Dakota. Sets 49th
parallel as border with Canada
How: Convention of 1818
When: 1821
Where: Florida and southern parts of Georgia
and Alabama
How: Adams-Onis Treaty - purchased from
Spain for $5 million
Texas Annexation
When - 1845
Where: Texas and parts north into Wyoming
How: Texas won independent status after
defeating Santa Anna’s army in 1836. US
decides to annex Texas in 1845 risking war
with Mexico
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Oregon Territory
Where: Northwestern corner - Washington,
Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming
How: Dispute over western part of Oregon
territory. Polk ran on campaign of “Fifty Four
Forty or Fight” - threatening to go to war with
Britain to gain more land in Oregon Country.
Negotiated 49th parallel border in treaty
Manifest Destiny
Belief that Americans had a right to spread
across the continent
Used this belief to justify taking lands from
people they considered inferior: Native
Americans, Mexicans
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Mexican Cession
Where: Southwestern US
How: Guadalupe-Hidalgo treaty ending
Mexican-American war 1846-1848
- US paid $15 mill. as part of treaty
Gadsden Purchase
Where: Southern Arizona and New Mexico set southern and final boundary of U.S.
How: Purchased from Mexico for $10 mill to
secure boundary and complete railroad