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Non-Western Cultures
Mrs. Gumpert
3.3 Early Chinese Civilizations pages 84-90
1. What geographic barriers kept Chinese civilizations isolated?
2. How do monsoon winds impact China’s climate?
3. Explain what the Shang civilization did with oracle bones.
4. What was the Mandate of Heaven started by Zhou Dynasty?
5. List 2 example at each point of the dynastic cycle.
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6. What is filial piety?
7. Why did China’s population grow rapidly during the Zhou dynasty?
3.4 Rise and Fall of Chinese Empires pages 94-99
8. List three ways Qin Shihuangdi strengthened his power.
9. What are the terra-cotta soldiers?
10. What massive defensive structure was organized under Qin Shihuangdi?
11. Draw a diagram to show the structure of the Qin Dynasty.
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12. How did the government under the Han Dynasty ensure they had qualified workers?
8.1 China Reunified pages 264-269
13. Was there always a smooth transition from one dynasty to the next?
14. What portion of China’s territory was the source of constant invasion?
15. List two inventions or developments under Chinese rule.
16. Why were female children seen as less desirable than males?
8.2 The Mongols and China pages 270-277
17. What was the extent of the Mongol empire?
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18. What Mongol leader established the Yuan dynasty?
19. Why were the Mongols accepted leaders in China?
20. How did Daoism influence Chinese art?
16.1 China at its Height pages 510-515
21. What lasting monument to the power of the Ming Dynasty was constructed in the new capital city of
22. Describe the extent of the voyages of Zheng He.
23. What was the initial Chinese opinion of the Europeans who arrived in 1514?
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24. What did the phrase, “Lose your hair, or lose your head” mean?
25. List two reasons Kangxi was an effective emperor.
26. How did the Qing government try to control the increasing European trade presence?
16.2 Chinese Society and Culture pages 516-519
27. What was the social organization in China?
28. Why did some women adopt the practice of foot binding?
29. What is porcelain?
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22.1 The Decline of the Qing Dynasty pages 724-731
30. Who fought in the Opium War (1839-1842)?
31. What did the Chinese concede (give up) in the Treaty of Nanjing?
32. Why did so many Chinese people find the Tai Ping Rebellion appealing and join?
33. Why did the British support the Qing Dynasty during the Tai Ping Rebellion?
34. What were the spheres of influence?
35. What were some of the changes proposed in Guang Xu’s 100 Days of Reform?
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36. What was the goal of the USA’s Open door Policy?
37. Who were the targets of the society of Harmonious Fists or “Boxers”?
38. Who put down the Boxer Rebellion?
22.2 Revolution in China pages 732-737
39. What were the three phases of Sun Yatsen’s plan to take over China?
40. What were the Three People’s Principles?
41. Why did General Yuan Shigai clash with the Guomindang?
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42. List one positive and one negative of the economic changes in China.
25.3 Revolutionary Chaos in China pages 836-841
43. Why did the nationalist and the Communists join in an alliance? Why did it end?
44. Who did Mao Zedong believe would drive the communist revolution in China?
45. Who was chasing whom on The Long March?
31.1 Communist China pages 1012-1017
46. Upon losing the civil war against the communists, where did the Nationalists set up their own
47. How was land redistributed after Mao’s rise to power?
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48. What was the goal of the Great Leap Forward?
49. Why did the Great Leap Forward fail?
50. Why did Mao want a permanent revolution?
51. Who was the author of the Little Red Book?
52. What was the purpose of the Red Guards?
53. What were Deng Xiaoping’s Four Modernizations?
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54. What issues in China led to the protests in Tiananmen Square?
55. Why did China adopt the one-child policy in 1979?