Miss Kackley's Kindergarten Class 2012-2013

Miss Kackley’s
Kindergarten Class
Welcome to Kindergarten! I am so excited for this upcoming school year with your
children! In this letter, you will find information about the beginning of the school
My name is Carol Kackley. I attended Oklahoma State University (Go Cowboys!) and
earned a degree in Elementary Education. I then attended the University of Central
Oklahoma and studied Early Childhood Education in graduate school. Don’t worry
Sooner fans. I recently earned a graduate degree in Administration and Curriculum
Supervision from the University of Oklahoma. I am looking forward to another
wonderful year in Kindergarten at Jenks Southeast. It is a passion of mine to work
with emergent readers and writers. Kindergarten is such an amazing year of growth
and learning!
My Early Childhood Assistant this year is Stacey Cremin. Mrs. Cremin will be assisting
me during centers in the morning and will be with your children at lunch and recess.
She is absolutely wonderful!
Important School Information
School begins at 8:50 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. The building opens at 8:35. At this
time, you may drop off your child. Please do not drop them off early because
teachers may be in meetings, conferences, or getting ready for the day. At the end of
the day, we will have a routine that we follow consistently. Please make sure that
you leave your child’s loop on his or her backpack for the first several days of the
school year.
Bus Riders – If your child rides the bus home, please make sure they know their bus
number. At the end of the school day, before the older children dismiss, I will take
the bus riders and place them directly in front of the doors to their bus. They will be
the first ones on the bus and will sit at the front, behind the bus driver. This is for
their safety. I will do this until your child is comfortable to find their bus on their
own. Children who ride the bus will have a yellow loop on their backpack.
Car Riders – At the end of the school day, the Teacher Assistants will walk the car
riders to the correct parent pick-up oval and wait with them. Please do not park and
come to the classroom to pick up your child. The monitors will stay with your child
until you pick them up. Make sure you have a car hangtag with your name written in
large black letters. Car hangtags are available today in the classroom or can be
picked up in the office at anytime in the year. If your child is a car rider they will
have an orange or green loop on their backpack depending on where you will be.
If you need to contact me for anything, please e-mail or send a note. If you do send a
note, please make sure it is in an envelope with your child’s name on the front.
students in class, this is a huge timesaver for me and insures I receive all notes from
home. E-mail is a wonderful way to communicate with me! My e-mail address is
[email protected]
Please make sure your child has a backpack big enough to hold a folder. Artwork,
PTA papers, etc. will be sent home on Thursdays in their folder. Your child needs to
bring their backpack EVERYDAY.
Each week we will have a snack helper. The homeroom mothers will make a
schedule of the snack helpers for the school year. Rather than your child bringing an
individual snack, the snack helper will bring snacks for the entire school week. This
is a great opportunity for your child to count snacks and be a helper by passing the
snacks out before recess. Great healthy snacks such as apples, grapes, cheese and
crackers, goldfish, popcorn, etc. are great in the afternoon!  ALL SNACKS MUST BE
NUT FREE. I will bring snacks the first two days of school.
Brain Break
Brain Break begins after lunch and recess. It is a time where each child can take a
break and relax. It is approximately 20-30 minutes long. During this time, your
child will watch a Reading Rainbow or Between the Lions, listen to soft music or hear
a story. As the year progresses this may change to lying quietly looking at books.
Your child will need to bring a bath towel and a small pillow. Please make sure your
child’s name is on their towel. This is what we will use while resting. I will send the
towel home on Fridays to be washed.
August Units
During the month of August, we will be reinforcing shapes, colors, counting and
rhyming. We know that each child comes to Kindergarten with various social and
academic levels. With this known, the focus will be on building community in the
classroom. We will do this by getting to know each other through social games,
community circles, and energizers. My emphasis is on social skills, becoming
familiar with the routine, and getting to know the teachers and classmates. At this
time, I will be able to get to know your child and assess their needs. As each day
passes, the degree of academic pace increases. My goal is to work with your child on
THEIR individual level.
Back to school night will be soon. At that time, we will talk more about my
philosophy in teaching and our goals/objectives for the year. I look forward to a
WONDERFUL school year! 