Research Paper Overview World History We have covered many

Final Project – Research Paper Overview
World History
We have covered many themes this year: Forms of government (like Monarchy and Democracy),
economic systems (like Capitalism and Communism), and ideologies (like Nationalism and
Imperialism). We have seen how all of these developments have had an impact on our world
today. You will now be taking these concepts, and analyzing their particular impact on one
specific nation outside of Europe and the United States. Please note the standard below -
Standard 10.10 Students analyze instances of nation-building in the contemporary world in at least two of the
following regions or countries: the Middle East, Africa, Mexico and other parts of Latin America, and
1. Understand the challenges in the regions, including their geopolitical, cultural, military, and economic significance
and the international relationships in which they are involved.
2. Describe the recent history of the regions, including political divisions and systems, key leaders, religious issues,
natural features, resources, and population patterns.
3. Discuss the important trends in the regions today and whether they appear to serve the cause of individual freedom
and democracy.
You will be writing a 2-4 page research paper that meets this standard. Requirements:
a cover page
a works cited page
double-spaced & 12 point font, Times New Roman.
In-text citations are mandatory, with a minimum of four sources used (including the textbook).
o An interview will also be counted as a source if it is possible for you to find someone to
interview from the region you are researching.
A 3-5 minute presentation of your findings using a visual to help your classmates learn from
your findings (Example: charts, pictures, graphs, powerpoints, models, poem, song, etc.)
Topics to be addressed:
Introduction: Your country today (present basic facts from intro. research) and the thesis statement.
1. The political and economic history of the region (from 1900 forward)
a. Describe key military, cultural and political leaders
b. Describe natural features and resources and population patterns.
i. What have been the positive and negative effects of these features on the people of the
2. The influence of forms of government, economic systems, and ideologies on the people in the country
a. What changes in government have there been, and how have they affected people?
b. What changes in the economic system and beliefs have there been and how have they affected
3. The impact of social forces in your country - explanation of religious, racial, socioeconomic status
and/or gender issues (if any).
Conclusion: Summary of Past and current problems and some potential solutions (BE CREATIVE!!).
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