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Review Notes
Geography of Europe/Renaissance/Reformation/Explorers
Geography of Europe
a. The ____________ ______________ is a strong ocean current that flows
from the Gulf of Mexico across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. It carries
__________ water and warm, moist air, which contribute to Europe’s
__________ climate.
b. The ______________Mountains divide Europe from the continent of Asia.
c. Many _______________________ in Europe have contributed to
_____________movement of people and trade for thousands of years.
Europeans encounter new cultures
a. ________________: expeditions made to recapture Holy Lands (Jerusalem)
b. ______________________ (French word for rebirth) : 14-16th century
Rebirth of Europe
a. Artists, sculptors, architecture, _____________________
b. __________________-Bustling center of banking, trade, and manufacturing
Learning and the Arts Flourish
a. _______________ gave money to support the arts.
b. Leonardo de Vinci: ____________ and ________________________
c. ________________ - Astronomer. Proved the _____________ revolves
around the ____________________.
The Northern Renaissance
a. __________________________________: writer of comedies and tragedies
The Reformation
a. ________________________________still powerful
b. Writers and scholars viewed church as too _________________
c. ____________________: movement to change church practices
d. _____________________________: Spoke out against church’s wealthy
officials and corruption. Disagreed with forgiving sins in exchange for
money called ___________________________________.
e. Many __________________ began to challenge church due to Luther’s
writings and translation of Bible into ___________________________.
f. King Henry VIII changed England’s official religion from
___________________________ to __________________________.
VII. Conflict over Religious Beliefs
a. ____________________: Protested against church
b. New ideas spread, encouraged _______________________ of Bible
c. Counter Reformation: ___________________ church made changes
d. _____________________: spread Catholic ideas across Europe and Asia
VIII. Age of Exploration
a. Wanted to find a new trade route to ________________ (Spices)
b. Found the _______________ ________________ (Christopher Columbus)
c. _________________________ the entire world (Ferdinand Magellan
d. Outcomes of Exploration
i. Religious Conversion- Convert natives to ________________________
ii. _______________________-Small pox, measles & Malaria. Killed tens
of thousands of people in the ___________________________.
iii. Clash of Culture-Imperialism- The practice of one ________________
controlling the government and economy of another country or territory.
iv. ___________________- Expanded slave trade. Conquered peoples were
forced to work the land where they lived.
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