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Activities of AID Clemson for the year 1999-2000
 Fund raisers
Mind Reader Show
Book Store
Credit card sign ups
 Projects
Aid Clemson
AID Clemson has been successful in organizing fund raisers and approving
projects focussing on
Elementary Education including development of new educational ideas
Health care including vaccinations and health education.
Karra Seva for Rural Action (KSRA), Ranchi, BIHAR
AID-Clemson got involved with KSRA in the early '99. After evaluating their project
proposal we found KSRA to be a worthy organization to work with in alleviating
poverty in the slum areas of Ranchi, Bihar.
Objectives for the first year
 600 children from 3 slums in Ranchi would be given non formal
 100 girls from slums would be trained in embroidery and sewing
 5 health camps would be organized for immunization and vaccination
 450 students were enrolled
 Health camps were organized
 64 girls were trained in different locations in stitching, embroidery and cutting.
We approved funding to the tune of $2980 and have since then processed the
money. We are so impressed by their performance that we are looking to continue this
relationship further through the coming year.
Breakthrough Science Society (BSS),West Bengal
AID-Clemson started working with Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) last
summer for building their mobile science lab.
Educational material related to astronomy and other science topics.
Videos and slides
Some of these have been obtained from as varied sources such as NASA. Based on their
hands on experience, BSS is compiling a science lab that can fulfill the requirements of a
typical primary school.
We have since then provided them with a Microscope and are looking to make
arrangement to provide them with a portable Over-head projector
(SNSS),Eswaragere, Karnataka
The organization has been doing work in the areas of health and education in several
villages in Karnataka for the past several years.They have a kids education center with about
50 children from the ages of 3 to 6.they conduct conduct health camps in villages and towns.
including eye camps and general health camps. A proposal was submitted to Clemson
requesting support for the center.
The proposal included the following
A daily nutrition program and a biweekly high nutrition lunch program for the kids.
 Purchase of play materials to be used for the next few years.
Contribution to a corpus fund that would be used to pay for an additional teacher and
increase the salary of the existing teacher and maid.
The proposal was favorably reviewed and after a site visit the proposal would be sent to the
Executive Board.
Fund Raisers
Mind Reader Show
Date:6th March 2000
Venue: Tillman Hall, Clemson University, Clemson.
World renowned Mind reader Steve Banachek gave an extraordinary performance in front of
a thrilled Clemson crowd. About 300 Clemson students and families turned up to watch this
highly successful event. AID_Clemson became a more noticed campus organization after
this event as we got out of the mold of just presenting events with Indian connotations.
Fund Raisers
Bookstore volunteering
Right from the start this was an unexpected blessing. We had been thinking about new
means of fund-raising for a while. Our established semesterly means by Credit card signups
couldn't continue anymore due to Universitty policy. So when we got a whiff of information
about this opportunity, we decided to jump in. We promised the Bookstore that we will have
at least one person during all operating hours of the first 2 weeks. This was a big challenge
as we needed each volunteer to pitch in with 8 hours of work. The chapter, with help from
other friends made this happen and we just missed about 6 hours of which we made up for 5
hours by doubling up. The final prize was $798 which was just $6 short of our target. We
have been asked to do this task again the subsequent semesters regular fund-raiser.