Design Process

Activity 1.2.1 Design Process
All humans have the ability to design and solve problems. Design is a creative
process that allows people to realize their dreams and ideas to improve their lives.
Good designs turn ideas into products and systems to please the consumer.
Engineers and designers use a systematic method of solving problems called the
design process. The design process is never finished; there are always multiple
solutions to problems. As new technology is available, there may be new solutions
that are now feasible. Can you imagine if we were still driving the first automobile
invented? Innovations to the automobile have occurred because of new technology
available and the ideas and dreams of consumers.
GTT notebook
Computer with Internet access
Headphones to plug into computer
In this activity you will learn about the 9 steps in the GTT Design Process and apply
them to a challenge completed by the PBS Kids Design Squad team.
1. Complete Design Process Notes page of the handout attached as your teacher
explains the GTT Design Process using the Design Process presentation.
2. Log in to a computer with headphones and listen to one of the Design Squad
videos from Season 2. Use this url: then
choose from one of the design challenges that the design squad completed. You
can choose from: Cardboard Furniture, PVC Kayak, Green Machines, Gravity
Bikes, Water Dancing, Backyard Thrill Ride, Big Bugs, Aquatic Robotics, Band
Cam, No Crying in Baseball, Hockey Net Target, Off-Road Go-Karts1 and OffRoad Go-Karts 2.
3. Complete the Design Squad area of the handout after watching the video on the
4. Complete the conclusion questions and turn in the activity to your instructor.
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Design Process Notes
Define the
1. What is design?
Design is a plan that helps create a product.
Test and
Model or
2. What is the design process?
Best Idea
When you look at what is
wrong with your things
and form a conclusion.
Bringing people together
to create an idea.
Designing a car that
communicates with
other vehicles.
Make shoes out of
Using your resources to
preform experiments and
ask questions
Read books or
Develop Ideas
Develop ideas to solve
the problem and make
alternative plans too.
How will the solution
actually work?
Choose Best Idea
Decide one idea that best List the strengths and
meets the criteria and has weaknesses of each
the least amount of bad.
Model or Prototype
Build a model to get
information from.
Realistic drawings or
Test and Evaluate
Test the models and
answer questions.
Is it safe for people and
the environment?
Improve Design
Evaluate the solutions
and make the needed
Improve the design
before production.
Share your design and
Poster or drawings,
A method of planning things to solve a problem, there are always new
things to do with it so it is never complete or done. It is also influenced by the
criteria of the project.
Design Process Step
Define the Problem
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ideas with other people.
that show the results.
Design Squad
1. Which video did you watch?
The Green Team.
2. In your own words, describe the problem/challenge that was given to the teams.
The challenge was to create a gravity bike and race it.
3. List the criteria and constraints that were given to the teams.
It couldn’t be over 300 lb. and the wheels needed to be 50 in in diameter. Also it
couldn’t have pedals.
4. Complete the table below, describing what each team did at each stage of the
design process.
Green Team
They chose the bikes.
They found out the
requirements for the bikes.
Develop Ideas
They thought of making a
bike from scratch.
Choose Best Idea
They decided to make the
bike from scratch.
Model or Prototype
They drew the design on
paper and made it life size.
Test and Evaluate
They did the test race.
Purple Team
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Improve Design
They added weight to the
They lost and found out that
it was too sharp of a turn.
1. Why do we use a design process?
To stay organized and have a plan so you know what you are doing and it works
2. Which stage in the design process do you think is most important? Why?
I think the brainstorm because it is the first step and if you didn’t do that you wouldn’t
even have anything to do.
3. Teamwork is an important part in completing projects and design challenges. If
you were working on a team, how would you contribute to the team?
I would help brainstorm and help make the project and develop ideas.
4. Which team won the challenge that you viewed? Based on what you saw, how
would you explain their success?
I think that the green team won. I think this because they did make the faster bike
and all that was wrong was the one turn and that doesn’t have anything to do with
how good the bike was.
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