Cell Test 1 Study Guide

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Cell Test 1 Study Guide
1. What makes something living?
2. Label the following as living or nonliving:
Atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism,
population, ecosystem (be careful- ecosystem is tricky)
3. What are organelles? Are they living?
4. What is a tissue made of?
5. What is an organ made of?
6. Know the following cell organelles and their function within the cell.
 Cell Wall (plants only)
 Cell membrane
 Nucleus
 Vacuole
 Mitochondrion
 Ribosomes
 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
 Golgi Bodies
 Chloroplast (plants only- full of Chlorophyll)
 Cytoplasm
 Lysosomes
7. Where inside the cell does photosynthesis occur? Do all cells
8. What are the 3 reactants (ingredients) for photosynthesis?
9. What are the 2 products of photosynthesis?
10. What is glucose?
11. Where inside the cell does respiration occur? Do all cells respirate?
12. List the 2 reactants of respiration.
13. List the 3 products of respiration.
14. What is ATP energy?
15. What do red blood cells do for the body to aid in gas exchange?
16. How are photosynthesis and respiration complementary processes?
17. What is the result of mitosis? Why is mitosis important to cells?
18. Why is waste removal important for cells?
19. During diffusion, particles go from areas of _________ concentration to
areas of __________ concentration.
20. Compare diffusion and osmosis.
21. When will diffusion or osmosis stop (use the word equilibrium in your
22. Compare active transport and passive transport.
23. In active transport there is endocytosis and exocytosis- compare the
24. What is a semi-permeable membrane and why is it important for a cell
to have one?