Math Portfolio Unit1 Data

Math Portfolio Unit1 Data:
UNIT 1: The Real Number System including Square and Cube Roots
*Insert a picture of each students’s real number project into their ibook *
VOCABULARY: Include name of term, glossary definition, explanation of term in
your own words, and an example of the term.
Square root
Cube root
Perfect square
Rational numbers
Irrational numbers
1. Describe what is meant by a perfect square? Give an example of a perfect
2. Are all integers rational numbers?
3. Explain whether whole numbers are irrational numbers?
4. What is the difference between an irrational number and a rational number?
Give examples to help explain your responses.
UNIT PROCEDURES: (See procedure template for layout)
1. Paige had $25 to spend at an amusement park.
a. She spent 25% of her money on games
b. She spent ½ of her money on food
c. She spent $6.00 on a stuffed animal
d. How much money did Paige have left?
2. Alexandra practiced the flute for ¾ of an hour on Monday, 1/2 of an hour on
Tuesday, 1 hour on Wednesday, 1/4 of an hour on Thursday, and 1/3 of an
hour on Friday. How many total hours did Alexandra practice this week?
3. Suzanne had lunch with three of her friends. The cost of the lunch was
$32.80, and the girls left a 15%tip. They split the cost of the lunch and tip
equally. How much did each person pay?
 Summarize what you have learned about the real number system
 Write approximately a three-paragraph summary
 Be sure to use your project as a means of explaining the real number system,
including rational, irrational, integer, whole and natural numbers
 Explain why non-perfect squares are irrational